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Such a fantastic opportunity if you are new to EVE or returning from a long break from the game. A good bunch of people to hang out with <3

I am interested in joining! Returning playing (was a noob then and am a noob now). In game name is Zenn Starling

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I’d like to speak with you . The migration post I just read was impressive.
Eoci bloodfin

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Ingame name Papamoose. My main character is in a 3 man corp. we’re striking out on our own. But I still want to fly with a larger corp. Hence this character. Thanks

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Best of luck with the recruiting!

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A great opportunity for new pilots, want to get your feet wet in Null Sec and make some great isk come and join us.

I’m ready to get back in and refresh some skills. Hit me up Ghostly9999. Ty

Returning player here and interested to join. IGN is: Macknive

Hi, relatively new player here looking to be inspired to subscribe and play in null sec. Would love to check you out if you’ll have me!

@Zenn_Starling @Eoci_Bloodfin @Papamoose @Ghostly9999 @Macknive @Apex-Predator

Invites sent! Looking forward to welcoming you to the team :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Plenty of space!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

The corp my alliance is about to disband in the next month so I am interesed in joining Frat University since I only been playing since July and I want to learn more and more. Thank you! IGN: Daniel EU

Hi there, I’m quite new to the game and interested to find a supportive community to learn more of NS life. Would like to join up. IGN is Lumian Kandin.

Invites sent to both @Daniel_EU and @Lumian_Kandin , speak with you soon! :slight_smile:

Looking for more pilots to share our space with :slight_smile:

EVE LDN was fun :slight_smile:

Hi I’m DylanCR

Looking for a good corp, that will be friendly and kind.