Fraternity Academy [OmniTZ/NewBro/HS/LS/NS]

Fraternity Academy

:house_with_garden: Looking for a new home?
:people_hugging: After a friendly environment to learn the game?
:dart: Want the best of High Sec, Low Sec and Null Sec?

Fraternity Academy is opening its doors to ambitious capsuleers looking to share Fraternity’s resource-rich space. With a generous starter-package and detailed guides on gaining wealth - we’re keen to show you how fun and rewarding being part of a NullSec community can be.

Solo-Activity Benefits:
:white_check_mark: Nullsec Welcome Package (valued at 30m isk)
:white_check_mark: Access to Otsasai L5 mission hub
:white_check_mark: HS Athanor Empire
:white_check_mark: Buyback Programme
:white_check_mark: Active Discord with veteran players to support your journey

Group-Activity Events:
:white_check_mark: WH/Gas/Ice/LS Mining operations
:white_check_mark: PvP Roams
:white_check_mark: Access to WC Standing Fleet
:white_check_mark: Incursion Fleets (where available)
:white_check_mark: Mumble / Discord / WinterCo Forum Access

How To Get Involved

If you wish to join Fraternity Academy, reply to this thread with your ingame name for a direct invite. Once you’re in, follow the instructions in the welcome mail :slight_smile: Please allow up to 24 hours for acceptance. If you have any questions - reach out on Eddy88#5369 on Discord.

Are you an experienced player looking to help out? My corporation Hippo Cartel is seeking players to help out - reach out to me on the Discord ID above with your experience building communities and supporting capsuleers (HS/LS/NS/WH) and we’ll get started!

Fly safe, see you on grid :saluting_face:


I want to support your fleet in pvp low.
ing:Avi Skif

I wish to join, I’m looking for pvp low
ign: Riddik I

I am looking to join in null sec content on this character.

IGN: Breadcrumb Vacuum

sorry bud

sorry bud check ur own killboard looks bad same for u Avi Skif

I am very interest in your offer, My main Bossman, is a max skill Porp pilot, near max orca pilot, and my two alts Jester Bridges and Iceman Bridges are nearing max skill Hulk pilots, I am primarily interested into moving to your nullsec domain for Mercoxit Mining and PI

I am looking to join FRT cause i want to try some guritas site and 10/10 escalation it gonna be my gila alts u want find any killmail on this char
IGN:Zhao Xueshuchun

I am interested in getting into nullsec . 81sp cap subcap Sc . Logistics and mining Freighters 5 master and JF 4

HI Bud

i write to u ingame


Sounds good will be active in game in about a hour

Im interested to join

I wanna see some big fights!
IGN: Babbaboi

Yo I’m quite new and starting the game, idk if accept new people but I’ll be very glad to join your team!
IGN: Nexus Void

Hi bud,

in game Message :slight_smile:

Welcome to FRT-A

I’m interested in learning about nullsec. I would appreciate if you could accept my application.
IGN: Alexandre Berthier

IGN: Blood and Glitter

welcome to send an application i will answer with an IGM

Looking for a relatively safe Lowsec space to try it.
IGN: Monad Cogito