Join the Fraternity 0.0 experience with UNITY

UNITY is a corp in Fraternity., a 12,000 member null-sec alliance, founded by experienced members looking to create a home for English players in a primarily Chinese alliance. A majority of our playerbase is located in AUTZ/CNTZ, although we have active content across all Timezones in the game thanks to our active FC team in coordination with the coalition. While we are mainly looking for English players, we are also open to those who speak Chinese and other languages. We offer a home to everyone.

We can offer:

  • Active content across USTZ, EUTZ, and AUTZ (CNTZ)
  • SRP for the majority of fleets
  • Experienced members to teach you the ropes of EVE
  • An exciting opportunity to be apart of Fraternity
  • Safe ratting and mining space
  • Tons of PvP content
  • A healthy environment to learn the game and have fun

What we expect from you:

  • For new players, being open to learning and training into our doctrines
  • Being ready to have fun and experience EVE the way it’s meant to be played:)

Interested? Join our discord and have a chat with one of our recruiters to see what we’re about. or feel free to send a mail to our recruiters:
Harry Wasem, Ada Huunuras or Charlottle Dunois.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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