🐼 xDECOYx is recruiting! [FRT]

Hello :slight_smile:

xDECOYx is an English-speaking corporation given an opportunity to grow within nullsec sov-holding alliance FRT, seeking enthusiastic PvP pilots.

Originally formed in 2015, xDECOYx and its pilots have been in Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, The Imperium, V0LTA, BRAVE, The-Culture, Trigger Happy, Triumvirate, Mercenary Coalition, Northern Coalition, Purple Helmeted Warriors, The Rogue Consortium AND many many more.

xDECOYx has great standings within WinterCo. We currently run the WCEN FC Team, Incursion/Pochven/Deployment sigs, have a heavy hand on the market seeding / manufacturing / reconaissance, and look after the new-player corporation Fraternity Academy:

We initially formed as friends and friends of friends. We have 40 heartbeats across EU/USTZ and often have 5-10 people active in corp comms every evening. We are opening xDECOYx to pilots who hit the following requirements:

:scientist: Willing to wear the correct uniform
:dart: 1t+ in kills
:dart: 1,000+ kills
:dart: Able to fly ALL WC doctrine ships
:money_with_wings: 5b Liquid
:money_with_wings: 3+ accounts
:heart: Be wholesome AF (our corps discord will remain SFW forever)
(We can be flexible for the right capsuleers :slight_smile: )

What we can provide:

  • Corp, Alliance + Coalition Level Fleets
  • Handout Corp ships for alliance-level fleets
  • Buyback programme
  • A good place to chill
  • The tools & respect to make you the best version of yourself in EVE

Recent Media:

If you’re interested, check out ‘xDECOYx’ ingame, join the public channel, or reach out to me of us on Discord:


More Media!

AAR - 2023-04-15 Harpy Time!

Goonswarm created 3x Keepstar Armor Defense timers against us for 15th April, but neither they or B2 turned up to defend them. So, using the asymetric warfare I promised the team, we took a trip to Goonswarm space and returned the favour, killing two of their structures, one of their fleets, after a brief detour to kill a B2 Retribution Fleet.

Round 1: Battle Report Tool

We reinforced 2x GTC Ansiblex during the day, and they responded with a Retribution Fleet (which we annihilated) and The Imperium responded with a 100-pilot Hurricane Fleet (who we could only kill stragglers)

Round 2: Astrahus | Triarii Armament | Killmail | zKillboard

We travelled to Khanid via Drifter WH and killed a GSF Astrahus

Round 3: Battle Report Tool

We went to Delve to contest one of their Athanors; they responded with a Ferox fleet. We started by killing stragglers then trying to kite. Unfortunately they had Tracking Computers fitted, so we weren’t able to maintain the regular Harpy range without getting hit pretty hard. So instead, we let them chase us and killed those left behind.

Round 4: Battle Report Tool

We went back to Delve to contest another Athanor; this time they responded with Cormorants. It was an absolute slaughter. They had 60 Cormorants vs our 30 Harpies, so we had to thin them out first by trapping them on gates and kiting at the EDGE of our range, warping in and killing 2-3 each time. Once we thinned them out enough, we committed close range and wiped them out, then killed the Athanor, then killed their second fleet. (edited)

Looking for talented pilots to help make this happen!

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