Hello :slight_smile:

xDECOYx is an English-speaking corporation given an opportunity to grow within nullsec sov-holding alliance FRT. You can see the journey we’ve been on so far in this thread:


Originally formed in 2015, xDECOYx and its pilots have been in The-Culture, Trigger Happy, Triumvirate, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, Mercenary Coalition, Northern Coalition, INIT, Goonswarm, V0LTA, Purple Helmeted Warriors, The Rogue Consortium AND many many more. We have a vast wealth of experience in large-scale combat and are looking for enthusiastic PvP pilots.

We initially formed as friends and friends of friends. We have 35 heartbeats across EU/USTZ and often have 5-10 people active in corp comms every evening. We are opening xDECOYx to pilots who hit the following requirements:

  • Be a TEAM player
  • Have a microphone and know how to use it
  • Have every Battleship & Subcap Weapon Platform trained to level III
  • Have 2+ accounts
  • Be willing to wear the correct attire
  • Have ~4b ISK ready to invest in mainline doctrine ships
    (We can be flexible for the right capsuleers :slight_smile: )

What we can provide:

  • Corp, Alliance + Coalition Level Fleets
  • AARs after fleets so you feel part of the team <3
  • Handout Corp ships for alliance-level fleets
  • Corp Crab Ops
  • Ore / PI Buyback
  • The tools & respect to make you the best version of yourself in EVE

If you’re interested, check out ‘xDECOYx’ ingame, join the public channel, or reach out to me on Discord:


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