xDECOYx - Recruiting Pilots!

xDECOYx is a primarily English-speaking corporation living in Scalding Pass.

Originally formed in 2015; xDECOYx and its pilots have been in FRT, The-Culture, Trigger Happy, Triumvirate, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, Mercenary Coalition, Northern Coalition, INIT, Goonswarm, V0LTA, Purple Helmeted Warriors, The Rogue Consortium AND many many more. We have a vast wealth of experience in large-scale combat and are looking for enthusiastic PvP pilots to join us growing a team.

We initially formed as friends and friends of friends. We have 25 heartbeats across EU/USTZ and often have 5-10 people active in corp comms every evening. A lot of us have met IRL thanks to the EVE Online Events (or concerts happening in our various cities!!) and we are opening the doors to pilots who hit the following requirements:

  • Be a TEAM player
  • Have a microphone and know how to use it
  • Have every Battleship & Subcap Weapon Platform trained to level III
  • Have 2+ accounts
  • Be willing to wear the correct attire
  • Have ~4b ISK ready to invest in mainline doctrine ships
    (We can be flexible for the right capsuleers :slight_smile: )

What we can provide:

  • Corp + Alliance Fleets
  • AARs after fleets so you feel part of the team <3
  • Handout Corp ships for alliance-level fleets
  • Corp Crab Ops
  • Ore / PI Buyback
  • The tools & respect to make you the best version of yourself in EVE

Fleets in DECOY:

You can hear more about the alliance from this stream with Pando:

And you can read more about our alliance and the current conflict here:

Come join our Discord and reach out :slight_smile:

Update just posted on our alliance thread; INIT has undeployed from our former home! :slight_smile:


xDECOYx is seeking pilots looking to live in Nullsec - reach out on Discord!