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Would like to talk please just to answer some queries (in-game if possible DM/Email)

o7 Starting an ingame conversation now, but Discord is preferrable :slight_smile: BJK#5526

newbie here, would like to have an invite and learn the game thx!

sorry double post

returning from eve after a long hiatus, would like to make some isk and some friends!

ign: Crewmate

I’m a newbie, I’m willing to learn and meet new people in eve. Thanks!

ign: AbleG

Corp Invitations sent, cheers all :slight_smile:

Hello there, Im a month old player who would like to get some experience with Null in general :slight_smile:
IGN: Berett Everwake

I dont know if you also accept alts but im currently training up an Ice Mining alt, IGN: Berett Neverwake

Volatile Prowler

Former Frat member returning for some action :slight_smile:

Hey., I am very new to the game and was wondering if you were still recruiting. My ingame name is 9nLKZqsLGNSMQvLS92

I know the name is kind of a mess but it has meaning to me :slight_smile:

We are now up to date with invites :slight_smile:

Hi , playing since 2021, looking to join a big alliance

ign: Noah Sunstrider

Hello! I’m not sure what i want to do yet, but i’m interested in joining! In game name is Shihiken Isayeki.

Agent Loco looking to join~

Hi id be interested in joining been playing since Aug 22 with a new character and got some higher SP ones through Bazaar

Hi, I am a new player. I saw that you are one of the biggest alliances, so I would like to join you. My ingame name is AreYouReeeady.

Hi BJK, can Tivika Leti get an invite please

All invites up to date! :slight_smile:

hello, i am new player looking for living in 0.0 and 0.5

Invitation sent! :slight_smile: