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Invites sent x2 :slight_smile:

Heyyy, I am looking to join. Im a miner and trader.
My in-game name is KimYeona

I would love to join! My ign is “Endo Dao”

Good afternoon,

Been playing for a couple months now and I am looking for a place to call home. Would love to join up if you’ll have me. My in-game name Ragna Lothbrook

@KimYeona @Endo_Dao - Invitations sent! :slight_smile:

@Shae_Charante Would be great to hear from you - grab me on Discord, BJK#5526!

@Ragna_Lothbrook Hey bud! Looks like you have Roles within your current corpration; in order for me to send the invite, you must first right-click your pilot name ingame, hover over “Quit Corporation” and select the option “Remove All Roles and Grantable Roles” - this will enter you into a 24h ‘Stasis’ Period - at the end of the 24h, I’ll be able to send an invite and you can instantly accept it. However if you wish to join sooner, grab me on Discord at BJK#5526, then you can simply “Quit Corporation” and I can immediately invite you. (But it’s better to coordinate this; if I’m asleep you might be waiting a few hours and it will affect your play session!)

Hello, i’d like to join the corp. My name in game is Luke Derelan


I would like to join your corp, my ign is Kamixlo :slight_smile:


edit: I mainly try to pvp but want to get more into indy etc

Hi - Would be interested to join, IGN = Nocturnal Ensign

I have decited to give online a shot after watching some pvp action on twitch. I was told on chat I should join a corporation to make the most of the game, so here i am :smiley:

I live in the UK so Im EU TZ.

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Hi team! 4x Invites sent & sorted :slight_smile:

Hi, my IGN is Dravix Primo. Please could I join?

Hi Guys,

I am a returning player from many years ago, seems the corp I was in is no longer around so my things are spread around.

I would be interested in joining and having some fun.

IGN : Jackson Hinkens


Hi, im interested in joining the corp, my in game name if Flare0010.

Hey there would love to join up with you!

Tegan sukowa

hello, I’m new to this game but my friend told me some tips and I’m keen to learn how to make money. are you still hiring?
Alelie Chanlin

Hey! IGN: Heyword Blackbird

Would love to hear back from y’all. US TZ player, sometimes I am around in EU TZ as well.

Hi! IGN: Renzo Novatore I’d like to here from you, playing in EUTZ

Hi all!

Up-to-date with invitations now, looking forward to welcoming you all to the team :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to get an invite, please. Thank you

Invitation sent across :slight_smile: See you in our space soon!