-- CLOSED --

Current player miner industrialist with 14 accounts … have been a member in winterco in the past and looking to get back into FRAT

I Would like to join !

I would like to join as well. Thanks!

I would like to join, thanks!

I would like to join

Wow, industrialist with 14 accounts, impressive!! Would be great to have you in Fraternity space :slight_smile:

Invites sent x4! @A_Model_Citizen Welcome back!

ign: holyfckimfat

Invite sent! :slight_smile:

In game name is Will Panic

Invite sent, welcome to the team!

Recruitment Please

Viren Katolis

Invitation sent! :slight_smile:

In game: Larry Mi

dodgey sen, shoot me an invite ive been looking for a good group

pvp training indy guy here!
Ingame name Djidambo

Currently in a corp that doesnt do any PVP anymore so not much chance to gain experience. Ive got a lot of WH xp, scanning and ratting, never ventured into null but want to get as much xp in all areas.

Invitations sent, welcome to the team :slight_smile:

pls send an inv
Ob1-Wan Jr

hey, if you’re looking for new players, i would join.
Name in game Czarrson