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Hello , can i get an invite ?

looking to experience nullsec with a good group. if you still have room, may i have an invite

Invites sent! :slight_smile:

Hello. Can I join? thank you

oldbro here… reactivated in the middle of your space after a 4-year gap …no links to any other player groups any more - therefore interested to find out if its worth an EUTZ player sticking around, rather than just fireselling and leaving :slight_smile:

Wow, welcome back!

I can definitely give you an invite to Fraternity Academy; but drop me a message on Discord first :slight_smile: BJK#5526

Used to be in Fraternity but I had to take a break due to real life issues in hospital, during that time the corporation I was in left Frat and found a new home. I was hoping to pick back up where I left off as most of my things are still located in Vale. How do I apply?

I joined but kicked only with 2 days and nobody tells me why…

Hello, can a returning player join?

Relatively new player interested in moving towards null/low sec activities, looking to join. I’m in EUTZ
IGN: SinusQuell



I am a returning player who has hardly touched Null-Sec before and would like to learn.

I wish to join on this alternate character.

IGN: Breadcrumb Vacuum

could i get a invite please i have 4 accounts at the moment
main IGN Gracokin Giant Chent-Shi
Gracokin Giant Chent-Shii
Master Aphex
Steve The Bastard


you guys still recruiting? picked up the game again after a few years. I decided to give it a second chance, I am an newly omega account and im looking for a group to join and hopefully learn a few things. any chance I can join?

hey im new to eve and got told by someone to come apply you Frat academy in game name is lurminzo midumulf

If this post is still active I would like to join. My main is Goathn Kateat. I used to play with jao’jui which I sold somewhere in 2010. After that came a periode of inactivity and some periodes of returning with my current toon. Hoping to get into nullsec and major battles again.

Hey, relatively new, looking to get further into null-sec and corp activities. IGN - Ren Gradius.


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