31b offer

43b offer

Currently 18:49 local time. If no other bids come through by 22:00, I will take the 43.

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I have a lead on another toon with a bit more SP. Offer withdrawn. You have a nicely built character, I’m sure it will sell quickly.

Daily bump. Proceeds feed my Quafe and booster addiction.

Cancelling due to lack of interest. Please close. Any interested parties may send mail in-game.

Probably because your link was showing 37 m SP instead of 55.4…? (That was one of the concerns I had at least when I started pursuing other opportunities.)

Actually, at the time I cancelled, I was at 55.5 M SP. When no one else expressed interest, I began skill extracting to redistribute SP.

Ah, a pity.

Closed due abortet Sale.