I’m looking for a pilot for a turret marauder. This character can have only one of the three, or all of them. It is also preferable that the engineer, armor and shield be learned. The rest of the skills don’t really matter, but no more than 60 mil SP.
Isk ready.

[WTS] 39 Million S/P Vargur/Proteus Pilot - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Marauder learned in 1 is not exactly what I need, but if you really want to sell, I can offer you 22 bil.

still looking

WTS 23m SP Paladin poilt paladin pilot 23m sp ,just 15b

ok let’s make a deal. Isk and account name sent.

isk to the character name is Denli-JuiFng

I already sent isk to Cherry att

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