[WTS] 39 Million S/P Vargur/Proteus Pilot

I have decided to retire from the Police Force and hence selling. :slight_smile:

39 million skillpoints. ( Would take 95 injectors to inject from scratch at a cost of 79 Billion Isk ( Current Injector Price at 840 mil each) !

Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelsons Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Reputation:- Killboard 100% isk efficiency.

Wallet = Isk Positive

No Kill rights.

Based in the Mos Eisley of New Eden, (Jita).

I will pay the Transfer Fee.

Offers around 30 Bil.

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Thats not exactly how pricing works lol… I would give you 28 because I could use this for a few things but 79 lol

Where in the post have I asked for 79 bil? I believe I have asked for offers around 30 bil. I was merely showing the benefits of buying this toon rather than skill injecting a toon from scratch.

Having said that, your bid of 28 bil has been noted. :grinning:





can 22b.

23BIL , Valid within 24 hours

24b, 24h





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