WTS Focused hulk pilot 5.8mil SP

Want to sell Me


Positive wallet
No killrights
No jumpclones
Located in Jita 4-4

7.5bil buyout

4 bil

5 bil b/o, have isk ready.

5.5mil SP / 0.5 = 11 skill iniectors
11*710mil= 7,810 billion isk
Plus the 20 bucks transaction cost :slight_smile:
So i would like atleast between 7 and 8 bil

Good luck In extracting those 5.5 million skill points.
Also if you could extract them you need skill extractors.

You should really accept the 5.0billion it is a realistic offer.

first of all you can only extract down to 5m skill points. So thats 1 injector at 5.8m sp. you are buying an extractor for 300m roughly and selling the injector for 700m roughly. That gives you a 400m profit. 5b isk is extreemely reasonable for this character. at 400m profit per 500k sp that is.

I’ll indulge and offer 5.5 bil b/o

I am not talking about sucking the SP out of it… i am talking about creating this char, if i didnt…

Offer still stands at 5.5 bil B/O - your call

the way this bazaar works is price of injectors minus price of extractors = your buy price + how bad people want the character if it has special qualities or skills.

Maybe you say that. I dont want to sell this as an SP bunker for you guys to make money of. I want it to be in a hulk and serve somebody with the need of that.
Also i am dropping to 6.5bil b/o

I have no intention other than building this character further.

5.5 bil b/o still stands

Offering 5.7b

6.0B ready now

6.1b offer.


if the offer doesnt raise in the next 24hrs i will sell it to you woolsey toblerone for 6.1bil

still interested? i will sell to you at 6.1bil

Still interested, will send account details + name soon.

Isk + account details sent, awaiting confirmation.

account name and Isk received
starting transfer