We have much of the system established and ready for more to join us.

You have like 6 active PvP pilots.

we have a mix of pilots in the corp some enjoy PVP some enjoy PVE. We cater to all, even new bros looking to make the break into null.

Looking to increase our USTZ presence.

Still looking to see if there are any USTZ pilots looking for a new home.

Welcome to the weekend. Look us up if you are looking for NS home.

Still open looking for some USTZ bros to fly with.

If you are EU or US, we are looking for you.

Throwing it to the top for few for the folks looking for a new place to fly.

Looking for EU and US pilots. Stop on by for a chat.

Want to make a move to null?

Still looking for more guys to join us.

EU and US, even AUS

Back to the top looking for more friends

Hi iv been a player of for about a year before my computer died on me i just got back into eve and need a fresh start and I’m looking join your corp and slowly ease my way back into eve so can I join your corp I’m willing to help with mining and some pve until i get a good ship to help with pvp my character name is Jace Lionheart please message me in game if you think I could be an good ally for your corp.

Weekend recruitment drive

Still looking for more guys to join us

Happy Holidays! Still open for recruitment.

Post Christmas and we are looking for new guys to join us welcoming in the New Year!