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Will be on tonight, available to chat

Looking to bring on more USTZ pilots.

FF is over, lets talk about your new home

Would like to talk with some USTZ pilots looking for a home in NS

Evening USTZ folks, looking to chat with you about joining

Up we go

Looking to increase our USTZ numbers

sent you a message ingame

Welcome to the weekend, lets talk recruitment

up we go

Are you guys new player friendly? I played a bit back in 2012 and just resubbed. I am looking to get into some pvp, but I am very green with only 7.5 mill sp.

Sorry for the late response. We are and would like to chat if you are still looking.

Lets have a chat

up we go

Looking to chat

Open to chat to anyone looking for a new home

still looking for more pp to join us

Weekend is over, let’s talk about your forever home.

Recruitment is open once again