Looking to complete my collection or expand upon already collected skins.

Please post or mail me if you have a skin you may want to sell or trade!

There’s a Talos one for sale on the forums.
I have an ark one, how much would you offer for that one?

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Mail sent


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I have a Talos skin, drop me a DM if you’re interested.

Currently looking to acquire the ark skin - Will wait to hear their response. Will follow up afterward. I saw the post and if both prices are right Ill go for both.

Checking in - still interested in selling the Ark skin?

bump - still looking for others :slight_smile:

Hey friend, sorry for not answering earlier, I had lost track of the posts. I’m not actually looking to sell atm as its part of my museum’s collection, but if in the future if the need to sell it comes, I will definitely shoot you an evemail!

Still selling if you’re interested.

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