WTS this toon Character Sheet

Skill points: 92,401,151
Unallocated kill points: 544,000
Remap Available: 1

This is a Armor Focused PVP Character. Sub Cap to Titan.
80 lvl V skills
Most notable lvl Vs:
Captial ships V
Gallente Carrier V
Fighter V
Heavy Fighters V
Jump Drive V
Capital Hybrid Turret V
Gallente Titan IV (Erebus Mastery Level IV all complete)
Jump Freighters IV

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character located in Agil

Character comes with High-Grade Amulet Implant Set + CB-706, EM-806, SS-906, HG-1008
Remap available

starting bids: 55b
B/O : Make me an offer.

Discord Kain Rehel#4058




@xalongskam @Cam_Jarkeld Could I interested any of you in a 85Bil buy out?

Is this still available? I’m interested in buying. 85b b/o

Guess you found someone who is willing to go 85b. I’m out at that price.

I can make 86B, really want it, looking forward to reply


Looks like we continue at 77Bil bid

77.5b offer

78B still stand as previously discussed ingame


bump plz

71b offer

Bump, the bid is currently 78B

78.5b offer

80 b/o

bump plz

72 B offer