97b if your inject yourself :slight_smile:

I appreciate your offer but 60B for 45M SP is too expensive. thx for your offer

np :slight_smile: better to inject 90b

I can give you 40b as you purchased. If you don’t like it, I think you’d better look for someone else. thx for your offer

yeah i just sell it if i have good order buy on it :slight_smile: i win a few billion/ day with it :slight_smile:

The general market is 1bill = 1m SP. A bit more if it’s a specialised character. And more than that and people are a :clown_face::man_shrugging:t3:

Please contact me if you are interested in exchanging it for 40B THX

yeah but toon with perfect skill is unusual. A lot of toon is really bad skilled and a verry little part is well skilled and unusual is perfect skill. You can t sell at the same price dread toon 30m Sp with 10m in shitty skill and toon with 30m only on the perfect place…

If you didnt paid for quality take shitty character and enjoy this :slight_smile:

You paid 52b carrier with 47m SP because carrier is perfect skilled






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