(Aharon Omaristos) #1


WTS Komodo BPC. No minimum bid, and there is a hidden reserve. Will end Monday, 15 Jan 18 at downtime. Once sale is final, the item will be contracted in a public keepstar.

(Arestes) #2

Don’t take offence to this, I offer a 75b bid for the BPC.

All the best,


(John Ludus) #3

150b bid

(Aharon Omaristos) #4

This item is still for sale.

(Boombeczka) #5

80b if that guy with 150b wont accept contract or retract his offer

(sennett) #6

155B bidding

(Gobbins) #7

auction ends today

(Space Homey) #8

160b bid

(Double Penetrate) #9

170B bid

(khal Terona) #10

165B solid offer

(John Ludus) #11

Assuming this isnt over… 171b

(Aharon Omaristos) #12

Auction is closed and item up on contract to the winner.

(system) #13

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