(Mari Janis) #1

wts 45m sp focused Avatar char

Amarr Titan V
Doomsday Operation V
good jump skills and others
full HG slave and full Mid Nomad Clone in jita.

Character is now in a NPC corp, and is located in Jita IV.
Wallet balance is Positive, There are no Kill Rights

start 48B
B/O 56b

if you want , you can post here or mail to “Admiral Algos” . :star_struck:

(Lyna Kraneled) #2


(Popo big) #3

41 B/0

(Karl Binchiette) #4

Your eveBoard isn’t working

(Chamile Odunen) #5

I got 300 mil

(Copper Sun) #6

Dude you spam like every thread at this point.

(Chamile Odunen) #7


(Arggam) #8

45B BO ,good avatar char

(Dayve Cook) #10

47B ,very nice

(Mari Janis) #13


ISD EDIT: As it appears the Sale was competed, I have reverted OP’s Post and closed the thread. In the Future DO NOT Blank out any character sales after the sale was completed. A public record is required for all sold characters.


(ISD Buldath) #14