WTS this PERFECT rorq pilot.
All is on lvl 5
Bid starts from 1b
Char is located in Jita and char is in NPC corp
All CCP rules apply

Comparing it to some other rorq toons that have recently sold, I reckon about 30b will be the very minimum.

BUMP :smiley:

1b is my bid

is it bug or your “perfect” rorqual pilot missing some jump skills?
and reprocessing. rly?

She can repproces all 0.0 ore perfect and she can mine with full ammount of m3. @Spicy_Fox

26B ready

Ty for your bid… But i am looking for more :smiley:

OK Waiting for your turn

Bump :smiley:


I will set B/O to 35b
Ty for offers guys

Bump :smiley:

B/O lowered to 34b

31B offer if you want sell

34b and we have deal

B/O lowered to 33B
Ready to start transfer NOW


33b and she is yours…

Bump 33 B/O