Cloud Research Labs Inc is Recruiting: Active PvE/Miners/Haulers/Indy

CRELI is a corporation with a mission to consistently grow and expand on itself while creating an active, competitive, respectful social community.

About Us:

  • We are currently based in high-sec with intentions to move into null-sec once we have met our current goals.

  • We offer an Ore Buyback Program to those who wish to participate in order to improve convenience for corporation members. (Ship Reimbursement and Loot Buyback Programs will be added in the near future.)

  • Our current focus is on PvE in order to establish a strong corporation framework, though we are recruiting PvP pilots as well.

  • New players and Experienced players are both welcome. We offer help to new players to help them get started in the universe and learn.

What we need:

  • Miners and/or Manufacturers
  • Logistics/Haulers
  • Mission Runners/Explorers

What we offer:

  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Item Hauling
  • Fleet Mining and PvE Ops
  • Support and guidance for new players
  • An active, helpful community

Mail or open a conversation with Giovanni Archis if you have any questions and feel free to join our public chat channel, CRELI Public


The Pact is recruiting Pilots and Corporations!
Family/RL friendly
US Timezone
High and Low Sec
Recruitment Rewards Program.

CRELI Recruitment is still open!

Currently looking for more PvP pilots for the Security Division.

Recruitment is still open for active players, new or old!

I want to thank those of you who have come by the public channel and gotten to know a bit about us and contributing to our growth. We’re still recruiting! Also, feel free to ask questions here as well if you temporarily aren’t able to communicate in the game for whatever reason.

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