Colonial Industries [Dronelands]

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Hello Boys and Girls,

Recruitment is now open for pilots that want to kick back relax and make some isk but, when the time comes they like to pvp.

We have 0.0 sov, -.9 system with various structures to fill all your needs. And have access to build anything in the game.

We have alliance comms along with our own corp discord server, an active alliance, active corp leadership, We firmly believe family comes first. We have great services and good people.

Other things we offer:
@ Fully upgraded system 0.0 system.
@ Help For newer players
@ Corp roams and pvp ops
@ multiple citadels and engineering complexes

If you are interested or even want to chat and hang out join our channel The Colonial Industries

(Dark Engraver) #2

Friendly bump for a good and dedicated CEO.

(CommanderDeath) #3

Bumperoni cause Apollo is a good dude.

(Claina) #4

Hello, i am interested in what you have to offer. Can we talk in game somwhere? Thank you

(Acc1den7 Aldent) #5

Good corp, good leadership and nice living space

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Hey still looking

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