COMBAT MINING in HS - We need YOU and your Skills :)


You want to expience some action and excitement in HighSec? Then contact us.- We are a mainly german speaking Corp and again recruiting for our new objectives, this time in HS space around Amarr :wink:

We are recruiting new Pilots for our Takeover in the amarrian Region.
What we need from you:

  • Ganker Chars and the will to gank and clean the belts from competition
  • Wardeccery Characters and skills for our narrow Wardec Doctrine to clean the space of unfuelled Junk
  • Some mining Skills as we are planning to mine the belts after they are free of competition
  • a fitting mind setup and an open heart for unusual practices and Fleet concepts.
  • some skill in PVP or at least the will to adapt.

What we bring to you:

  • lots of nice Kills and Fun while locals are triggered
  • an uprising Industry branch, where you are fighting for your Income and belts in space instead of getting pushed around by others.
  • a nice and helpful community which was bond together over a long period of time. We are family and we care. Be part of it.
  • An active Discord server, access to smalscale and bigger fleets and roams all threw New Eden (and beyond)
  • ongoing content and support with Fleet Ships, SRP and skilled Pilots.

So stop thinking and give it a go. Ask us your questions in our Ingame Channel OR our Discord!

Join: NXT Public

Or contact Averon Nolan or K Rush ingame.


That sounds like a hilarious concept.
If you build new mining barges from the salvage/loot from the ganks, and sell to the miners on the local market, the recycle is complete.

GLHF and enjoy the tears :smiley:

shhh…you must not reveal our business concept! :laughing:

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UP UP, we need moar Pilots ^^ come in and join the fun!

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