☠️ Combat Mining in HS

We are looking for HS-PVP oriented Players around our newly established branch in the amarrian Region.
If you want to mess around with the locals and miners alike, you are very welcome to join our mainly german Team.

What we do:

  • deanchoring unfuelled and unused Stations alike (aka Wardecs)
  • using a small network of corps and neutral toons
  • flying a narrow and useful doctrine to get the job done
  • mining moonbelts to raise additionally income for the corp

If you are willing to raise a few alphas to your somewhat skilled Omega Char then you should come over to our Discord and ask a few questions.

We are always happy to welcome new crewmates :pirate_flag:

Discord: https://discord.gg/M2rx2ht
Ingame: NXT Public

Or contact: K Rush or Averon Kruger

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