Come and make a Home in Null

Are you looking for a new home, a place to build and enjoy Eve? Are you interested in null but all the politics put you off? Or are you looking to be the next big thing and embrace your dreams?
Come and join IRScam.

IRScam is looking to recruit quality pilots as we prepare to take our place and make a name for ourselves in Tenerifis. We’re a member of Army Of New Eden, and aim to be the best at what we do.

We are a sov-null PvP corp first and foremost, but between fleets, we offer ample ISK-making opportunities, a reliable jump freighter service, and leadership that doesn’t get mad when you get your blingy solo PvP ship killed. We have members who are well experienced in all areas, from high-end PvE to industry to wormhole space, who will be excited to help and participate in your adventures.


  • 15M SP (Exceptions could be made but would have to be talked about on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Be in TeamSpeak while undocked.
  • Don’t be a Jimmy know-it-all, no one knows everything!
  • Mains must have an active sub, no Alpha mains.

If you want to do any of the following come and join us.
Be a part of making something
Be a part of defending your home you worked to build up
Small roams
Fleet ops
WH diving
Build long and worthwhile friendships with other people that like to blow things up

If you want to join an alliance where you’re not just another F1 monkey and make more of an impact than making
the blob one number bigger, reach out to one of the following people:

US TZ: Nightfox Avedon

still looking for more friends to come and kill things. apply when you think your ready

getting some good fights. come and join the fun and build something real