Come be a part of something great. Join Tzedakah today! Null / Low Sec - PVP PVE

Tzedakah [TZED], part of sov holding alliance The Rogue Consortium is now recruiting warpilots and enterprising industrialists.

US/EU Timezone primaries, with Asia TZ secondary


Attention newbros / experienced / returning players. We have knowledgeable pilots who can help players new to the game, or players returning after an absence, and experienced players.

  • PvP with regular roams and joint fleet operations in null sec, with targets galore.

  • New to PvP? We train, and have a place for all skill levels.

  • Access to null sec systems with blue status, Alliance and Coalition level support. Ratting and PvP.

  • Homes in both low and null sec for ratting, mining, research / industrial needs at any level.

  • Access to moon mining.

  • Ice belt access in low and null sec.

  • Casual players are welcome, we realize that life happens.

  • Close knit cohesive group of pilots, many of us have known each other for several years.

  • New players are welcome.

Join us today!

Eve Mail: Samos Ostos, Caisius Julius, Graelyn
In Game Chat: TZED Recruitment


fun group of guys. few of us ancient guys who have all the good video links saved ISD Love

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Hey crimson,

We are glad to have you on board. Looking forward to lots of PVP!


Null, lo-sec, Hi-sec. Got it all. Old crusty guys, and newbies out of the box. Great for learning, and friendship. Oh, and our leader is awesome!!!

we are based around Provi, so lots of EU and a few of of US NA timezone players. fleets run hot an heavy and lots of small gang stuff.

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