Experienced player? New to the game? Come Be A Part Of Something Great! Recruiting for PvP & PvE, Moon / Ice Mining, Null / High / Low sec access

For Immediate Release

An up and coming corporation, Tzedakah [TZED], part of alliance Aegis Militia [AM] is now recruiting players.



Attention newbros / new / experienced / returning players! We have knowledgeable pilots who can help players new to the game, players returning after an absence, and experienced players.

  • PvP with regular roams and joint fleet operations in null sec. Lots of fun!
  • New to PvP? No problem! We will help train you.
  • Access to null sec systems with blue status. Ratting and PvP.
  • Homes in high / low / null sec for ratting, mining, research / industrial needs at
    any level.
  • Athanors with access to moon mining.
  • Ice belt access in home low sec system.
  • Casual players welcome!
  • Close knit cohesive group of pilots, many of us have known each other for several years. New players welcome!

Join us today!

Eve Mail: Samos Ostos, Graelyn, Caisius Julius
In Game Chat: AM recruitment


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