Come shoot Blues, join Totally Safe Pilots

I am opening up my corporation “Totally Safe Pilots” to anyone who’d like to join. A quick Q&A:

Q1: Why should I join this Corp?

A: Umm, to be honest, 99% of you should pass on this Corp… It doesn’t offer any services, structures, or SOV. In addition, friendly fire is permitted- you won’t get kicked for shooting fellow Corp members. Oh, the Corp tax rate is 0.0%, so I guess it has one good thing going for it!

Q2: Wait, you allow people to shoot their own Corp members? That’s a horrible idea, who would join this Corp?

A: There are no expectations for you to do anything, and there are no roles. Basically, you can do your own thing- from anywhere in New Eden. But, you’re always at risk of being attacked without CONCORD protection (although, that risk is small assuming Corp membership stays low). I guess you could think of this as a small group of friends, who play practical jokes on each other- while otherwise going about their lives in New Eden.

Q3: Is this Corp a joke? Have you thought this through?

A: While I initially thought of the idea as a joke, I’ve decided to go through with it. And to answer the other question, I have NOT thought this through. I have no idea how this will play out, but I’m willing to see. If your Main is tied up doing other things, you’re more than welcome to join with an Alt. There’s no API check either.

Log in when you want, do what you want, shoot who you want. If you have any other questions, just ask.

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