Come to corp... we need you!

Hi hotties

You need to join our corp ASS

PISS OUT MY ASS, We need you in our PISS mining division. A spot has just opened up.

Le Petit Tourette (In game channel: -LPT PUBLIC-) is recruiting hi-sec industrialists. I HAVE A BOMB We are set up with an athanor in a quiet system and can help you learn the ropes.

No requirements FART or questions asked. New players are provided BOMB ships for mining ops.

Contact Freya Aele or Azkaba ingame.

this is just cringe to another level

Filth like this is what makes EVE go brrrr. Where is the CCPolice when you need em?

Please don’t ember-ASS yourself!

Calm down.


We’re not maniacs btw - we’re chilling hi-sec miners looking for more people to optimize ISK-production with. If you wanna join in let us know or join -LPT PUBLIC-