Newbro-friendly Hi-Sec Industrialist Corp

LE PETIT TOURETTE is looking for more members

About Le Petit Tourette:

  • We are a small, friendly (primarily) EU-timezone industrial corporation.
  • Corp leadership consists of experienced players with a deep insight into multiple aspects of EVE.
  • Small enough to support the things you want to try, yet big enough to help you optimize earnings in whatever area you prefer.

We are looking for:

  • Any player looking for a (relatively) safe and steady source of high-sec income.
  • Players who speak/write English and preferably wish to join us on our Discord, which has some neat features.

We have NO SkillPoint or activity requirements.

Our goal is to introduce new or experienced players to a friendly industrial environment. The more you participate the more benefits you will have.

Benefits include:

  • Direct access to high-sec moon mining from a private Athanor.
  • Full SRP-program, free starter ships (up to Barges) and rentals from there.
  • Max boost support on mining fleets.
  • Easy access to max-yield setups (including implants).
  • Easy access to whatever production line you want to setup including blueprints.

If you are an experienced player looking to “move up the ranks” in a small-sized corp looking to expand, we also have open officer positions. Come have a chat on how and why you think you can fulfill that role.

Recruitment is handled exclusively through our public in-game channel: “-LPT PUBLIC-” or through our Discord - link here:

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Happy to see 2 more people join up with us, but we are still looking for more members.

Currently working on a full ore buyback program at advantageous member prices!

We’re starting to get that all-important core of players, which means we can now offer mining operations more often and multiple Orca-characters to give out boosts.

This weekend we also launched our “ORE Buyback Program”, offering all corp members the possibility to sell their ore directly from our HQ without any need for hauling.

More exciting stuff coming up with input from our members the coming weeks, including an engineering complex, automated SRP program and even more functionality to our Discord, which boasts loads of nice features!

Come join us!

Still have room for more players. Recently set up with a Raitaru to support those of our members who enjoy industrialism to the fullest - come have a chat on our Discord!

Bump for more friendly industrialists looking for a high sec home.

Come come come! :slight_smile:

Free Moon Mining, free research and production facilities. Nice backend hi-sec system AND today we’ll go on a fully corp-funded suicide spree.

Come join us!

Yesterday we did our first MASSIVE corp roam which resulted in EPIC kills, without losing a single ship! (psst… don’t tell anyone…).

Ships and fits were handed out by corp for free and we’ll do the same thing in a few days… And probably die miserably again because who are we kidding - we’re industrialists!

Please stop by our Discord. We’re actually growing and have a decent setup both in- and out of game, including very useful Discord-bot and a fully functioning auth system.

In the past week two more experienced industrialists have joined our ranks which means even more people to go to if you are a new or returning industrialist trying to find your footing.

Check us out and come see if we’re a match.

Still growing - still expanding and have multiple slots open for more players wanting to learn about the industrial side of EVE (which with coming update looks to be even more interesting!).

Hit us up in Discord and have a non-formal chat about your needs and desires raawr

Did we mention an extensive BPO library? Come come come…

Although we mainly have EU players at the moment, we also have US and even an AU guy - so please consider us even if you’re not EU primary.

Hope everyone had a happy easter and are now looking to get thos lasers spinning. Get on our Discord and get to know us! We’re a charming bunch :wink:

Corp is still recruiting and slowly picking up people across different TZ’s.
Weekly Op’s. Newbro’s Friendly :slight_smile:

I don’t like to brag, but…Look at our cool new corp logo!

Recruitment still open
Ore & Mineral Buyback at Jita price, Regular Mining Fleets (Ice & HS), starting work on a 2nd Athanor for more Moon Mining.

Come join the Team and start working towards something :slight_smile:

Come! Let’s make friends and help feed the EVE war machine. We’re waiting for you!

Celebrating the addition of a new member and the fact that hi-sec industrialism is more alive than ever!

Still got room - come come come!

In the name of Fergie: Bump it!