Small Newbro-friendly Hi-Sec Industrial Corp looking for members

Dearest players

Le Petite Tourette - a small Hi-Sec industrial corporation, is looking for more members with whom we can share our love for industrial casual ISK-making.

We have no activity requirements, no mandatory fleets or skill point requirements. We are simply looking for members who are willing to evolve and develop our corp.

For new players, we can offer you a friendly atmosphere with some really experienced player who you can ask pretty much anything, on top of that we can offer you:

  • Access to moon-mining from the get-go. We will set you up and learn you the ropes and even have ships for you to borrow at no cost.
  • Full boosts available when mining.
  • Direct access to LVL 4 mining agents.
  • The benefit of being in a small yet newbro friendly corp, which lets you learn the game at your own pace.

We also look for more experienced players who are ready to step up as an officer. Perhaps you’re “winding down” activity from a larger corp but feel like sharing your insights and skill with us and our members?

Timezone right now is primarily EU, but we are open for players around the world (as long as you can speak and write English) and we accept both alpha and omega players.

Please join ingame channel: -LPT Public- and have a word. We need you!

- Freya

hi, which system are you in?

Heya @Skapaneas2020

We prefer to keep a low profile for various reasons, but mostly for survival purposes - but come chat with us and we’ll definitely see if we’re a good fit!

Happy to welcome a new member who asked us if we also took alpha players - and yes we do :wink:

Make sure to stop by - we’re ready to welcome you!

Updated initial post with more info - we are happy to see the interest this post has sparked - feel free to ask both here or in game if you have any questions!

Still Recruiting!

Had a few questions.
So first would be what general region is the crop in (High Sec)……would check to see how far of a move for me if i joined or what is available in the area.

Second bigger question are there players in the corporation on during US pacific prime time as in 6PM - 11PM PST GMT-7

Hey @Ca_Joecool - sorry for delayed answer

First question: We are located in “The Bleak Lands”. But you really don’t have to move much stuff to come join us - we will get you set up :wink:

With regards to timezone: At the moment we are primarily online in EU but do have a few US people onboard already. I guess the best way to secure company those hours would be to hook up with us and get some friends onboard too.

Still waiting for more hopeful industrialists to join!

Still plenty of room for friendly players :slight_smile:

Why have you not joined us yet? We need more industrialists!

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