15M SP AU TZ Hi-Sec Miner Looking for New Home

(Herogon Gorgon) #1

What I’m looking for:

  1. Someone to talk to. Pretty lonely right now. In a very small corp and no one is ever on. I usually communicate through chat or IG mail.
  2. Help and advice from time to time.
  3. A corp that has pilots on during the AU daytime timezone.
  4. A corp I can connect with and contribute to.
  5. Hisec moon/ice mining opportunities, and some PVE.
  6. Relaxed/casual play, where I can play to my own style.
  7. Contributing to the development of the corp in any way I can.
  8. I don’t mind a small corp as long as the activity/communications level is constantly high and the corp is growing. Or larger corps are fin too.
  9. Polite, friendly, helpful people.
  10. A new, safe home (well, as safe as Eve can be)
  11. I can move to wherever.

What I’m not really into:

  1. Voice comms. I can rarely be on when people want me to be on.
  2. WH/null sec
  3. A corp where people are constantly on ops that I can’t engage in because I don’t have the skills, shops, or interest, or I don’t understand the lingo.
  4. A corp where I send people IG messages and never hear back from them.

I realise that what I am looking for is pretty specific, but we are all individuals, aren’t we? Please contact me if you think there might be a place for me in your corp. Don’t contact me if you are just looking to make up numbers, as I have been burnt before and it isn’t pleasant.


(Glitch Chadwick) #2

Glitch Interstellar Financial & Securities (GIFAS) is a high sec/low sec indy/mining corp in the Placid region. We would love the opportunity to chat with you.

(Lexxus) #3

hi bud come join us ,look me up in game

(Jeoff Valdar) #4

Come pop by our public channel “Meteor Industrial Complex” and say hi.

We have pilots in multiple TZs, I am in the AU/Asia TZ and on mainly in the evenings, but we have people on all times. Voice comms is not a must. Our hi-sec base is well established.

Our recruitment thread is here Meteor Industrial Complex

(Neogenesis Vokan) #5

Hey there,
Come check Weave out! We are a social Corp first that accepts all time zones. Jump into our discord and we can have a conversation. You don’t have to jump on voice comms, just message back and forth with us.

(Saska Dax) #6

Hi Herogon
check us out usually people on in your tz

(CaseyLP) #7

Hey there! You should consider Malevelon Roe Industries. They are a highsec Mining/PVE corp based in Gallente space and are extremely active in all timezones and have an active discord as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s their Discord: MALRO Discord

(Glitch Chadwick) #8

Drop bears are always welcome in Glitch Interstellar.