Meteor Industrial Complex

Meteor Industrial Complex is recruiting new and old industrial oriented capsuleers who are looking for a layed back place to do whatever they want. The Corp is growing stronger everyday.

Our core business is mining. Organize wormhole expeditions to huff gas and hack data/relic sites.

We are looking for:

  • Captial pilots
  • Industrialists
  • Fleet Commanders

Corp Summary:

  • Amarr space (Hugh sec, low sec and Null sec staging)
  • Moon Mining
  • Refineries & Engineering bay
  • Planetary Interaction (low tax)
  • Alpha or Omega clones
  • EU and US timezones (EU primary)
  • Mining fleets
  • Wormhole expeditions
  • Ore buy back program (Ice and Ore)
  • Corporation insurance program
  • And all other industrial related activities

Join in-game channel: Meteor Industrial Complex
Or send a pm to Rozaliel


Pm me a discord would live to talk business

100+sp combined multi account

I’ve send you an in-game mail.


Another bump


Our Orcas are equiped with bobs and vagene


Another bump

Bumping we still need moar indies

Up up up

Hi there!

Sub Inc. is a corporation that is interested in Joint-ops with other groups. If you guys would like to fleet up and roam through the chains or join us for one of our Ratting Fleets, we would be more than happy to set something up.

Sub Inc. Undocking is our Specialty.


Bumping the bump. Please don’t send any alliance invites or anything like that yazz. We are not interested. If you however are looking for a trade partner your free to mail us.


Bumping the bumper. Still looking for Industrialist.

Great Corporation, highly recommended.

Hit us up if you guys are looking for an active corp with no drama! We do exploration, mining, and manufacturing!

Looking for leaders!