Meteor Industrial Complex - Looking for Industrial Pilots, Explorers, and Leaders!

About us
The Meteor Industrial Complex is an organization located in the Tash-Murkon Region (Amarr Space), whose primary mission is to “develop our own social and economic sovereignty through chivalry and respect to all members of the EVE Online community.” In accomplishing our mission, we follow and align ourselves to those who also follow the core values of honor, courage, and loyalty while also establishing a strong trade market, defense, and human resources.

What we offer within our corporation:

  • Brotherhood & Sisterhood
  • Wormhole Expeditions
  • Moon Mining
  • Mining fleets with Orca support
  • Ore buy back program
  • Corporation Insurance Program
  • Loyalty Reward Program
  • US and EU Timezones

What we are seeking:

  • Leaders
  • Explorers
  • Industrialists
  • Newcomers
  • Veterans

Qualifications to join:

  • Must be able to communicate and understand in English
  • Must be able to follow our core values of Honor, Courage, and Loyalty

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please join our in-game channel: Meteor Industrial Complex


We are still looking for members of all ages and gender! We are an equal opportunity organization with a diverse atmosphere!


Hey there! What country do you guys play from? I’m in Aus looking for a corp as I’ve recently started playing again.

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Silvarh we are split between EU and US TZ we normally have at least 15 ppl on at all hours at peak times we have around 30 for each TZ



That sounds good. I’ll hit you guys up when I get home from work today ^.^

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Bumpity for some cool folks :smiley:

Hi! My name is Luna, from the Netherlands, and I play at the Meteor Industrial Complex for almost 2 months. I’m relatively new to online gaming but these guys really helped me with all my questions: big and small. It’s really nice to have a group of people that know this game like the back of their hand. And being able to learn on the job. Want to join? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me or Otto3d

Hello! My name is Sail Toia, from the cold fjords of Norway.
I have been in the Meteor Industrial Complex for over a month now. I have afk for several years. and came in contact with the Ceo while running on an alpha-char and after talking to him i found out that starting my old account backup was the thing to do. Learning new things that have happend since i last played EvE. Helping newbros with things that i remember from playing way back.

Got any questions hit me up in game.

/Sail Toia

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Hello, this is a great corporation with a positive atmosphere. We truly value loyalty, honor, and courage and are seeking others that can follow those value. I am from the US but we have many around the world to include Europe and Australia. Active players from all time zones from a mixture of genders and ethnicity, we are truly a diverse team which makes us more functional, creative, and a great community. You will not be displeased! Come and check us out, fly with us, and join our community!

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I do a lot of solo mining and am switching to R&D. DO you have a website? I’ll get on the chat channel when I can

We do have a website, it is currently being developed still and it is:

Still looking for members to join our corporation!

We have hit our 100 members and are still looking for more to join our organization! Become part of the community!


Do you have a discord?

Also, do you have any SP requirements?

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Hi Reeses,
We do have Discord! We don’t have SP requirements :slight_smile:

  • Luna

Friendly bump!


I have been inactive for a couple years, but would like to get back into it.

I can fly ORCA and all exhumers :slight_smile:

Could you give me your discord.

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