Meteor Industrial Complex Recruitment


We are a new corporation who is looking for players of all skill levels to join us. We are currently involved in all aspects of industry and always need new people to help with them. While we focus mainly on industry we also enter wormhole space from time to time as one of our allies is a primarily wormhole corp. Right now we are involved in moon mining, manufacturing, mining fleets, research, and wormholes. We do have our own structures for each of our industries as well as an in house ore buy back program. Our home station is not far from a trade hub or low sec if you should find the need for either. If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of or have more questions feel free to join our public chat channel Meteor Industrial Complex. Someone there will be glad to help you. If you are unable to contact someone feel free to post here or send me in game mail. I have it linked to my phone and will be able to respond quickly




Still looking for pilots

Come join with us for the moon mining

Hello I am The CEO of a little corp, we want to offer you an Alliance within our corps.
We have dedicated players to mine and we learn quickly.

Tonight ( EU timezone ) I am going to be conected and if you want we can Talk


Udete Amilupar

always looking for pilots to join us

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