Meteor Industrial Complex Looking for Industrial Pilots, Explorers, and Leaders!

The Meteor Industrial Complex is an organization located in Solitude (Gallente Space), whose primary mission is to support our members and Alliance through mining and industrial expertise.

- What we offer -

Fleet Mining

- What we are seeking -

Occasional PvPers
US TZ preferred

- Qualifications -

Able to communicate effectively in English
Willing to support our Alliance goals through PvP activity
Uphold our core values of Honor, Courage, and Loyalty
Discord & Mumble use is mandatory
Alpha & Omega are welcome
5m SP minimum for applications to be considered.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please join our in-game channel: Meteor Pub

This thread is periodically bumped, but rarely checked for replies. Please get in contact with us in-game for a prompt response.


Joined Meteor 2 month ago, no regrets at all. As a returning player to the EVE universe there were a lot of new stuff to learn, and being with this corp. is helping a lot. There is always a helping hand pointing you in the right direction, regardless if it is about PvP, Mining, Industry or all other stuff you can do. 10/10 would join again if I could!

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Been in Meteor for about 10 months now, i am also a returning EvE player after couple years away from the game and it is because of all the great player in the corp that have made me stay.
And there is easy to get someone to join in whatever you are up too.

Hit us up if first post fits you!

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Always looking for new players!

We’re not vampires, but we love new blood :vampire:‍♂

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Hey there,
I joined Meteor some months ago. I can recommand it to everyone that likes to be in a group with loyal and relaxt pilots. If you want to know anything about our corporation, talk to us in our in-game channel: Meteor.

  • Luna
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Back to the top!

One of us, one of us!

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Come fly with us, you’ll only explode 50% of the time!


Hit us up in our public channel for a chat.

/Sail Toia

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We have the best space cookies!

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I want you!

In the corp, not romantically…

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thanks for reading this! If you have any questions, let us know :slight_smile:

Lun-a Tic / Elody Camilla / Elysabeth Swann

p.s. Roland is awesome!

Winter break is going well! Enjoy your time off, see you in the new year!

We want you, and your inexperience!

Limited time offer! Join in the next 24 minutes and I’ll think about considering giving you a 100isk sign on bonus.

Act now, this offer won’t last long! First 3 pilots only!

Come and munch some big rocks with us down in low-sec. :firecracker:

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Still got loads of rocks to chew on :firecracker: :firecracker: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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Come come we got candy :candy: :candy:

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