62m SP returning playing looking for indy/mining corp

Like the title states I am looking for a home. I play in US EST TZ, mostly at night. I have trained great combat skills, scanning, and the ability to mine.

I am looking for an Mining based corp currently to try something new out. But I am also more than willing to PvP.

Wormhole life would be cool, as I have never really gotten into it.

Hit me up in game to chat.

First off, i’d like to say that this is a wall of text detailing the corp. However, we do NOT vet your whole life and interview you for a week before you can join.
I like having a few words with you,either in-game or on TS3 to see where you at. We do however require a full API.

Asteroid Farm Unlimited is a corporation primarily focused on the Ratting & Industry aspects of the game. Though, we like to do the occasional PvP engagement. We are set-up in Null-sec in Delve, and we are part of The Imperium.
Being part of The Imperium of-course allows us to take part of their vast infrastructure, and provides a safe haven in where you can get on with your business in peace.
However, being part of The Imperium comes with certain requirements, we will gladly fill you in on these once we get the opportunity to talk to you.

We have certain realistic goals and aspirations, which we will strive to complete within this year. One of them is to surpass 70 active members.

We also strive to accomplish the following goals

Expanding our manufacturing and industry side to include Supercarriers and Titans

Enough people online to support an op (if interest is there) every day

Self supplied freighter service, AKA within Corp for minimum delays ( In the works)

Please note that these are just some of our goals and aspirations, and we will strive for everyone in the corp to enjoy a profitable environment in one of the most profitable areas of the game.

We also maintain a couple of services in-alliance, in order to maximize the time spent doing things that you like and minimize hiccups.

We/the alliance provide the following:

Tatara/Athanor moon-mining

Tons of Alliance/Coalition PvP fleets every day

In Alliance mining operations every day

Low tax Manufacturing, Refinery, Invention and other services
Ever expanding null-sec market for many of your needs
Setup in good constellation with lots of mining and ENDLESS ratting possibilites

Full ore and ice buyback program at 92% Jita price, depending on the type of ore/ice.

An active and friendly community,

Ship replacement program

Mining support ships and freighter service

Low tax (10%). Which equals more ISK in your pocket, in one of the most profitable areas in EVE

Our leadership is longtime players of EVE, with massive amounts of experience from most parts of the game, and we will strive to help you make your time in EVE the best time ever.

We would be delighted to answer any of your questions, and go a little bit deeper in the description of our corp/alliance in-game.

Contact persons:

Gruul Estidal (CEO)

Sigel Mantea (Recruitment Director)

Gyrow Five (US TZ Recruitment Director)

Sieur Crepeau (US TZ Recruit

Hi Keasby,

I sent you a PM in game. We’re not a dedicated mining corp but we shoot both people and rocks when the time allows :slight_smile:

Give us a look and chat me in game if you are interested.

Welcome back to the game! Always nice to see a returning player.

Not a WH Corp, and I can get you into contact with corps in my alliance that are heavy into mining. My corp does mine, but other corps out here are better at it.

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