Experienced miner and industrialist looking for a home

20 mill sp character. Fully maxed out orca boosts and exumers. mass in depth knowledge of PI and have been a director of mining and pi in previous corps. UK timezone based looking for a new home in eve preferably in null or wh space, contact me in eve and I will consider joining, and hopefully speak soon.


If you’re looking for purely industry, look into some of the large nullsec blocs that best support that sort of gig. Imperium, TEST, FRT, DC are all good picks.

bump for the day

If you want to give us a try, send me an in game mail
Shepherd Cage

We are looking for miners with heavy skills.
Most of our miners are maxed skills.

Come fly with us in delve, we do require pvp from our members… buts its super easy.

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