Looking for High sec industry corp in Amarr space

I’m still very new to the game and looking for a high sec industry corp in Amarr space for my alt. I have almost no knowledge on industry other than reading the wiki a bit and watching a YT guide or two. Mainly doing this to learn more about the game and to meet folks to play with, it’s not meant to become my main form of income.

Looking for an active corp where people actually interact and preferably NOT a massive corp. Mostly EU time zones but as my sleep cycle is wonky it doesn’t really matter too much.

Try looking into our high sec Corp Sinful Reedemers or contact Isthule Tyson Frasier or Abdullah Akbar of 8 Sins of Man. We offer this Corp for highsec players as part of our university program to help new pilots grow, and exceed in their goals. We base mainly out of Kari right outside of our home space in providence null sec. We are actively looking for new recruits. We offer a huge amount of options to meet your industrial needs. Also good ways to maintain a good isk income. So message us, and check us out. https://discord.gg/xxKtK8BBcZ Here is the link to our discord! Get with a member to get set up. We have most time zones covered!

Hey @Xanthellus

Not sure if you found a home yet, but your post pretty hits our corp spot on. You can read our recruitment thread here and are more than welcome to come have a chat on our Discord.

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