Compass Broken wants you!

Small gang of veterans seeks for new blood! If you are looking for a friendly fun place to play this game, and like to learn or train peoples, we are here for you. We like to do things together.
We can give our members the oportunity to experience most aspects of the game, ranging from selected hisec agents to nullsec alliance warfare. From mining to building all one can fly. From solo PvP to alliance engagements. Acces to all caldari/amarr/soe agents, no matter level or location. Are you the task-oriented kind? Our ranks are open for new officers.
No PAP, no politics, no s*it, we do only what’s our call to do, wherever we go.
Old pilots welcomed, but so are newbros too.
All kinds of mining support here, inclusive ore buyback.
All kinds of war support available, inclusive experienced pilots to train you.
What do we need:
-No alphas or trial accounts!
-Be active and willing to train for new tasks.
-Ability to fly at least T2 frigates.
-Be self sustaining.
-Willingness to do things for the common good when asked to.
-Decent english, also ability to use comms.
-Integration. This is maybe the most important aspect. Rest can be trained.
Join L057 pub for more info.

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