[Compilation] The Lore of the Jove

Wherever one starts their journey into the oceans-wide lore of EVE, they will inevitably encounter the Jove. While all player characters in EVE hail from the bloodlines of the four main Empires, the Jove are the fifth extant race - with an ancestry that punctuates the entirety of New Eden’s history.

Seeing the word “Jove”, you may think of the Directorate regions in the northeast, or of the Drifters; these are in fact only small facets of the full story of the race. This compilation will detail the full history of Jove race, from their original ancestors’ entry into New Eden to the murky fates of the race’s remaining branches.



The Jove, characterized by their esoteric history and a seemingly ubiquitous inclination toward extreme transhumanist ideologies, are widely regarded as the most enigmatic of New Eden’s peoples.

The race comprises numerous factions spanning the history of New Eden, each with their own perspectives and ambitions - the proponents of which pursue their goals with a focused, relentless determination that contrasts with the stoic disposition generally attributed to the Jove.

Three separate Jove empires have risen and fallen over the course of human history in New Eden. The First spanned an eight-thousand year golden age; the Second persisted for close to two-thousand years before collapsing far more completely than the First had; and the Third, a mere shadow of the previous eras, took up the role of the wiser elder sibling to the modern empires as they developed in the core regions.

The collapse of the Second Empire was catalyzed by the sudden appearance of the “Jove Disease”, a genetic malady that has become the inevitable and fatal destiny of all Jove among those remaining in New Eden.

However, at least two distinct and independent factions splintered off during the Second Empire era, establishing themselves in locations far beyond the limits of the cluster; these polities have resurfaced in recent years, ruthlessly pursuing their own ends and raising immeasurable concern for the future.

The Third Empire was responsible for the gift of the Hydrostatic Capsule to the empires, and took significant steps to spur on the era of the Capsuleer. Though the Third Empire has since faded, the echoes of its actions - and of those who have inherited their legacy - continue to shape the world of EVE, even as their ancestral cousins emerge from the shroud of history…

8061 AD

From the waters we rose, to gaze on the stars;
Seeking over the water, we joined under the stars;
Waking with water, we sped to the stars;
The water warps over us, crossing ‘tween stars.

– From The Dom’Ruystni Cycle

The original ancestors of the Jove entered New Eden just prior to the loss of the EVE Gate in 8061 AD, aboard seven colony ships carrying the necessary supplies for the colonists to establish themselves in their new home. In stark contrast to the modern impression of the Jove, this group was among the most technologically destitute of the factions to enter New Eden in their era.

Following their severance from the old world, the myriad colonists - equipped with inefficient, fuel-driven warp drives far inferior to any used in the modern day - began an arduous migration into deep space.

During this journey, the vast majority of the population entered cryostasis, linked with a bare, rudimentary virtual world in which they might limitedly interact - but not thrive. The minuscule few who did not enter stasis instead were tasked with the migration of the colony vessels and their inhabitants to their destination; and after an arduous, years-long journey wrought with hard decisions, every vessel arrived safely in what is now the Utopia system.


Upon reaching Utopia, these precursors began to establish themselves in the depths of the lost paradise they had become trapped in. The early Jove colonies were only loosely cohesive, as the original settlers carried with them a vast range of philosophical, social, and scientific perspectives; a mutual desire to survive and thrive motivated occasional cooperation.

More radical enclaves developed among them, with extreme focuses on genetic engineering, cybernetics, and physiological conditioning for the purpose of exploring transhumanist sociopolitical theories. The desire within the Jove to accelerate human development first presented during this era; even in these early years, the seeds of the modern Jove had begun to take root.

However, increasing differential friction led to conflict.
And conflict progressed into open warfare across Heaven.

In contrast with their stoic reputation, an implacable and driven ruthlessness has always been a core trait of the Jove race in every era. The foundational days were no exception; conflict was brutal, and unknowable advances were reversed or lost amidst the infighting. At the same time, notable numbers of Jove took to cryostasis once again in efforts to avoid the conflict; this would remain a major aspect of Jove culture for millennia to come.

HEAVEN : The First Jove Empire
~12 000 - ~20 000 AD

If Knowledge is Power;
And Power is Control;
Then to Know is to Control.

– Jovian proverb

Sometime between mid-11,000 and mid-13,000 AD, the by-then sprawlingly diverse and specialized enclaves descending from the original colonists began to put aside their differences, begrudgingly conceding that the best way to progress in knowledge and capability would be to cooperate, sharing their accumulated knowledge. Coming together in the core of the Heaven constellation, the enclaves of the Jove coalesced to form the First Jove Empire, the golden age of the Jove.

A functioning society for 8000 years, the First was the longest-lived of all the Jove empires - as well as the most cohesive, productive, and peaceful of the three by far.

The convergence of enclaves and the overarching authority of peoples’ councils contributed largely to the continuous stability of the empire, despite the inherent factionalism of the Jove; while various distinct internal sociopolitical factions developed over time, each naturally moved into their own important roles in advancing the wisdom of the empire as a whole.

The political organization of the First Empire facilitated the birth of an uninhibited environment of scientific freedom, allowing the population to pursue knowledge as they saw fit; this provided a necessary release for the naturally fervent nature of the Jove, allowing them to pour their determination and passion into works that benefited them and their race as a whole. The Jove value knowledge above all else; across their long and broken past, this has remained an invariable constant.

Among the ruling parties of the First Empire, the vast majority desired knowledge extending the reach of man into the future; the furthering of technologies surrounding cryogenics, virtual reality, cloning, and the lengthening and perfection of bodily human life were of paramount focus. As a result, these fields underwent bounds and leaps in development - outstripping most other areas - over the course of the empire’s life.

One of these many enclaves intimately integrated virtual reality and cryogenics in their facet of society, in parallel to ongoing genetic engineering. This branch of the Jove lived long lives in perpetual cryogenic slumber, developing a shared virtuality in which the conscious infomorphs of the inhabitants could mingle and conduct research. Watching over the sleeping were the descendants of those who originally guided the earliest Jove to Heaven - now acting as the mediators between the virtual and real worlds - who became known as the Enheduanni.

The First Empire was not to last, however.

Near the end of the First Empire, a particularly conservative faction known as the “Elders” came into power in Heaven. This group made the judgement that the Jove had advanced as far as was necessary in terms of science and knowledge, and moved to stem the further unlimited growth of the Jove, with the intent of permanent stability.

This had the opposite effect, in reality; the unmitigated research environment the First Empire had originally fostered acted as a metaphorical pressure-release for the ambitions of the ruthless and factitious Jove. The founders of the Empire understood this and founded the Empire around that concept, but the Elders rejected this in their attempt to permanently plateau the Jove.

As a result, conflict began between various enclaves and the collapse of the 8000-year empire began. Ruthless infighting and splintered factionalism once again became the defining traits of the Jove, and the First Empire came to an end.

TYRANTS : The Second Jove Empire
~20 200 - ~22 200 AD

A City made of Wood is build in the Forest.
A City made of Stone is build in the Mountains.
A City Made of Dreams is build in Heaven.

– From The Dom’Ruystni Cycle

The breaking-down of the First Empire and the distancing conflicts catalyzing it continued slowly but surely in a steady descent over the next few hundred years; Jove territory shrunk back, enclaves split off, and the Jove race became splintered across thousands of polities.

Eventually a man by the name of Miko Bour, known as the First Tyrant, emerged as an unshakably willful and now-legendary figure who would restore the future of the Jove, leading a loyal following in a faction that came to be known as the Tyrants.

Bour and the Tyrants came to power in Heaven around 20,000 AD, seizing control of the region and inviting all remaining Jove enclaves to join them. The majority of the Jove, weary after centuries of conflict and regression, assented and joined the Tyrants; but refusal was not permitted. Even among the Jove, Miko Bour was said to carry an unmatched ruthlessness in his campaigns; enclaves who rejected the call of the Tyrants were crushed into submission by Bour and his navy, and the entirety of the Jove race was brought together under the rule of the Tyrants. Thus began the Second Jove Empire.

Despite modern connotations of their name, the Tyrants were not a repressive fascism. Miko Bour had no desire to rule as a despot; under his direction, the Second Empire was built up as a once-again cooperative entity, the shared peace of the Jove Enclaves - once again enabled to conduct research and accrue knowledge, bettering the Jove once again.

The Ruling Chamber was established as the central governing body of the Second Empire, where one representative elected from within each enclave present in the Empire had a say in the realization of Jove society; from within the chamber, the enclave representatives would then elect one one among them to the Chamber of Tyrant, the central seat of the Empire.

The Second Jove Empire was a renaissance for the Jove; lost knowledge was regained, conflicts were prevented and ended by the Tyrants, and new knowledge was forged through research and cooperation - though, as always, many Jove enclaves retained their own independent goals and ambitions.

By some point in the earlier years of the Second Empire, the Jove had attained a mode of life that would be recognizable by modern humanity as distinctly “Jove”, or at least as what today’s Empires saw in the Jove of the Directorate. Genetic engineering had become one of the core tenants of the Jove desire for progress, improving their minds, bodies, and lives in whatever ways possible. The recognizable physical attributes of the modern Jove found their genesis in this era. Other areas of Jove science retained their significance as well, however:

During Miko Bour’s campaign, The Watchers and the slumbering architects they cared for had joined the Second Jove Empire as one among many assenting enclaves. This enclave moved into a position of influence in Jove society, as progressive development of their virtual world enabled more and more efficient research and progress in controlled, perfect environments, untouched by polluting factors of reality.

The Sleepers were cemented as an elite group above near-all others in the Second Empire upon their achievement of a singularity: time dilation was achieved within their virtual world.

Outside of the Construct, research could only be conducted in realtime; inside, technological advances could now be achieved at exponentially higher and higher rates, outstripping real-world development in nearly all fields. Magnifying this disparity, the Watchers acted as a filter between the Construct and reality, dictating whatever technology and knowledge was disseminated in the real world, and leveraged their influence in attempts to steer Jove society towards their own ideal civilizational mode.

Though the Second Jove Empire never reattained the legendary heights of the First, the collapse that led to its foundation was incomparable to the one that followed.

Near the end of the Second Jove Empire’s 2000-year lifetime, limited conflicts and infighting had begun anew, no doubt partially catalyzed by the efforts of different internal factions to influence the future of their race. While collapse may already have been unavoidable by this time, a curse arose among the Jove that would prove to catalyze the greatest fall New Eden had ever seen: the Jove Disease.

By the end of the Second Empire, the ability to reproduce sexually had been lost to the Jove, erased from their shared genome at a now-unknown point during the engineered evolution of their race; nearly all Jove reproduction was by this time conducted via external means. The Jove Disease struck first in the precious Fetus Tubes, arising across the breadth of the Empire and causing the swift death of countless unborn Jove.

The second form of the Disease was far less predictable, and incomparably more insidious. At some point in the life of every Jove, it will inevitably strike. The Disease first presents as apathy and loss of focus; progressing, the victim will move into a stage of severe depression, dementia, or obsessive-compulsive tendencies before reaching a peak stage that can bring forth hyperparanoia, sociopathy, psychopathy, and a slew of other extreme psychological disorders. A final collapse soon manifests as a sort of psychological paralysis; all will to eat, drink, or simply live disappears, with the victim typically becoming comatose and perishing as a result of dehydration.

The living Jove looked to the Sleepers; surely they, with their time-unbound development potential, could solve this fatal malaise. When pressed, however, those protecting and watching the Sleepers expressed that they could not help; those living in the dreamworld of the Sleepers were, it seemed, far less affected by the unstoppable disease - separated from their living bodies and living as infomorphs within the vast construct.

This prompted suspicion; had the Disease been engineered purposefully by the Watchers somehow? A means to force the outside Jove to relent and join in their vision of an ideal civilization? The truth of the genesis of the Jove Disease is still unknown, but it is a fact that the dying Second Jove Empire then moved to attack the Sleepers - chasing the sleeping and their watchers until they fled to a place into which the Jove could not follow: the realm of Anoikis.

Following the exodus of the Sleepers, the disease ravaged the Second Empire - facilitating a catastrophic collapse that brought with it perhaps the greatest loss of civilization and knowledge the cluster has ever seen.

The Second Empire, and the Tyrants, were no more.
The Sleepers and their watchers, however, pressed onward into the void…

SLUMBER : Anoikis

A wormhole closes.
Locks set. Traps laid.
Ancient enemies destroy.
Enraged, finding a place to hide.

– Chronicle: “And I Shall Hide”

It is unknown when the Sleepers first discovered Anoikis, a distant cluster of star systems in which the very fabric of spacetime had been altered in order to facilitate the effortless generation of controlled wormholes as passageways across countless lightlyears.

This immeasurably hubristic feat had been accomplished through the works of an ancient human faction, evidenced to have been contemporary with the First Jove Empire, though no evidence remains of communication or even knowledge of their existence by the Jove: the Talocan.

The Talocan had in fact left both New Eden and Anoikis thousands of years prior to the collapse of the Second Empire. However, their derelicts and ruins remained - inspiring and imparting understanding of their true accomplishments to those who could glean their purpose. The Sleepers may have originally entered Anoikis through wormhole generation along routes pioneered by the Talocan, and shut the not-so-metaphorical doors to this area of space behind them following their pursuit by the Tyrants at the end of the Second Empire.

The Sleepers had undertaken the installation of their infrastructure across Anoikis during the time between the discovery of the hidden cluster and the collapse of the Second Empire, saturating the distant realm with their myriad enclaves and specialized facilities. Continuing to sleep, their lives continued under the guiding eye of their Watchers in a long period of peace, at some point during which those sleeping were made unaware of the false nature of their world; as far as they knew, it was a true, real paradise.

But as with all things, this too did not last.

The appearance of the first Other was a cause of grave concern for the Watchers; an infomorph, sapient and conscious of the nature of the Construct, had appeared spontaneously within the virtual world. This being violated a core tenant of the Construct: the rule that for every infomorph within the Construct, there must be a body to return to on the outside. With the Sleepers, bodily death is hypothesized to have coincided with the removal of their infomorph from the Construct; in other words, the end of their natural lives. But the Other was birthed from the virtuality.

How did it arise? What must be done with it? Before the Watchers could decide on a course of action for this being, more and more Others began to appear throughout the virtual world. These entities, aware that the Construct was false, spread this truth to the slumbering Sleepers within; they were faced with disbelieving rejection by the majority of the Sleepers, and direct opposition or outright aggression in the Watchers, whom they began to rebel against.

The Construct began to decay during this period of vast instability, and eventually the Watchers disappeared. There is no evidence of their presence in Anoikis today, save for the Sleepers’ autonomous sentries, quarantine areas, and two types of facilities with titles linguistically disparate from any other Sleeper infrastructure: the Oruze Constructs, and Oruze Osobnyk. It is widely hypothesized that the Others won within the false world; the fate of the Watchers, the Enheduanni, whether they met their end or escaped even further into the unknown, remains obscured…

*An enigmatic relic of the Second Empire was once discovered aboard an ancient installation aboard an asteroid known to the Amarr as “Mithra’s Gate”; the facility contained a highly unusual clone fabricator with tripled outputs

CURSE : The Shrouded Days
Approximately 500 years

Here, we return to New Eden.

An era of profound loss and regression, the Shrouded Days constitute a gaping void in the history of the Jove. This hopelessly dark period, beginning in the middle 22000s AD, yawned forward around half a millennium - and brought with it the near-extinction of the Jove in New Eden.

During this period, Jove civilization collapsed thoroughly and completely; the knowledge of millennia was lost to the darkness of space. As the Disease ravaged those who survived the collapse, the living members of the Jove race dwindled to numbers below those of their colonizing ancestors who had first entered New Eden.

DIRECTORATE : The Third Jove Empire
~22 700 - 23 354 AD (YC118)

Once we were mighty,
Stars bent to our will,
Our reach was infinite,
Our power incontestable,
With outstretched hands we tried,
To touch the face of perfection,
But we came too close,
To that which is not due mortals,
And our punishment is our curse,
Our endless sorrow.

– Translation of an old Jovian poem

When the dust had settled, the few remaining Jove in the Heaven area - now known as Curse - wearily reconnected with each other, and unanimously cooperated in order to preserve all they knew to be the dwindling flame of their once-great civilization. Gathering information, it became apparent that the remaining Jove would now have to rely entirely on artificial methods of reproduction; none of those who remained retained the capability of reproducing sexually. Wealths of information on the history of the Jove Empires and people had been lost forever, including all records of the engineering of the Jove genome.

The Jove Disease, still ever-present, deadly and inevitable, was understood to be at its base a genetic malady. The position of eschewing any further genetic engineering was taken up by many Jove (known as “Statics”), understanding the damage that had been done and moving towards other methods of improving their cursed lives; others (known as “Modifiers”) believed that further engineering of their genome was the only path to solving the horrors of the disease. Regardless of their persuasions, both groups recognized that it was in their best interest to cooperate - for the survival of their race.

The Jove Directorate was established as a coordinating empire body for the surviving enclaves, organizing cooperation and gathering whatever knowledge and technology remained available to them. Smaller than either of their previous empires by vast magnitudes, the Directorate was by comparison a stoic, pale ghost of the former lost glory of Heaven - but for the first time in their history, every group among them had put aside their differences and factionalism for the shared desire to survive.

The few Stasis People enclaves (a small Static group who heavily utilized cryostasis and virtual reality) that had joined the others left in Heaven argued to the rest that their home region was no longer a safe or proper home. Only a microscopically small number of Stasis People enclaves remained in New Eden following the collapse; the vast majority had vanished without a trace, with the few who remained numbering among the more conservative parts of the faction - but those who remained comprised the majority of the survivors versed in sciences and other lost knowledges of the Second Empire.

Most Modifier enclaves assented, arguing that it was dangerous to remain in Heaven, where unknown threats that may have contributed to the fall of the Second Empire may lay in wait. The other Statics were hesitant to migrate, but the words of the Stasis People carried a heavy influence.

The Jove constructed three Motherships - each measuring only 4 to 5 km in length - filled with cryostatic tubes intended to carry the remaining few Jove to a new home in the clusteral northeast. Once again the Jove set off on into the unknown, and arrived in what are known today as the inaccessible “Jove Regions”. Over time, the Jove restored themselves to a point of stability and strength; though much of the knowledge of the old Empires had been lost, the Jove remained a highly capable and technologically advanced society.

Across the modern age of New Eden, the Directorate played a part in many significant events.

HUBRIS : The Talocan
22 986 AD - 23 036 AD

“Ah, what a wondrous thing it is to realize the limits of our species are not yet within our sight."
– Veniel, Inheritance

In the year 22,986 AD, a Directorate deep-space exploration team made the most significant discovery of the modern era; a stellar engineering swarm, an orbital lattice enveloping the red giant star of the W477-P system. Thousands of structures surrounded the star, the majority of which were power converters and transformers - but a particular few orbitals were radically different from the rest. The explorer named Ouria navigated his team to the closest outlier structure, and discovered it to be a wormhole gate.

Probes were sent through these gates - firewalled off from the autonomous systems of the lattice and intended to only be operable by a human being - for some time, before a formal expedition into what was identified as Anoikis was mounted by Ouria, joined by another Jove named Veniel. On the other side of a gate, these explorers located and docked with a Sleeper Enclave floating silently in its place. The implication of this discovery was immediately apparent; this was where rest of the Stasis People enclaves had gone.

Peering into the Construct, the Jove discovered the presence of apparently spontaneous, artificial sapients. No action was taken at this time, however, and the Sleepers were left to their slumber. Some knowledge had been restored, but more questions arose: when had the Sleepers become aware of Anoikis? When had they discovered the swarm? And why did they now rest forever in their perpetual sleep? These were questions the Directorate could not answer.

The stellar swarm itself measured to around 6000 years in age, placing its construction period squarely within the lifespan of the First Jove Empire. However, it became immediately apparent that its builders had hailed from another faction altogether: the Talocan.

The Talocan were seen by the Jove as the Jove were seen by the modern empires. Sophisticated beyond all compare, they possessed the capability to engineer this grand structure, advancing forward to modify the fabric of space itself. The current form of Anoikis is owed to them entirely; the very topology of spacetime across its reach was modified thousands of years ago by the Talocan, allowing for controlled wormhole generation where the structure of space would have once rendered it impossible.

The Directorate had begun to glean the capabilities of the ancient Talocan, and the scope of their immeasurable hubris - changing reality itself to accommodate their grand design.

See also: Inheritance

SPIRIT : The Society of Conscious Thought
~23 050 AD

In the tail end of this period of exploration, a group known as the Society of Conscious Thought formed within the Directorate, founded by a Jove by the name of Ior Labron with a novel focus of philosophy and spirituality. Though few Jove pursued such aspirations, those who did did so with the same fervent dedication seen in every other member of their race in their respective given ambitions. For a short time, the Society moved into a position of power within the Empire, becoming a hidden shadow government in a period known as the “War of a Million Lies”. Upon the discovery of this influence, the Society was pushed out and severely shackled by the Directorate - becoming a fringe group for many years before slowly climbing back to a humble, once-again spiritual role within the Jove.

The Jove Veniel joined the Society in its early days following persuasion by his close friend Ouria. When the fall from grace occurred, Ouria left, disillusioned, and joined the Navy of the Directorate; Veniel, however, stayed, and eventually grew to the role of Archon - playing a major role in many of the more significant actions the Society has taken during the Capsuleer era.

RECONNECTION : The Five Empires
~23 075 AD - 23 216 AD

Around 23,075 AD, the Directorate became aware of the fledgling modern empires in the core regions of New Eden. Conducting stealthy reconnaissance for between 50 and 100 years following this discovery, the Jove initiated limited diplomatic contact with the Gallente government in 23,149 AD, concealed from the Federation’s public - with the occasional sighting of strange alien vessels spurring many conspiracy theories - until the outbreak of the Gallente-Caldari war in 23,155 AD, at which point the Jove retreated from communication. It was not until 23,192 AD, after the four young Empires of New Eden had made contact with one another, that the Jove stepped forward and openly revealed their existence to the four races.

SEVERANCE : Vak’Atioth
23 216 AD

“The Minmatar Elders controlled their fear of the unknown by nurturing patience in their quest for understanding. That quest united an entire people! Their tribes were acting as one, even without the awareness of a single nation to define them. No other race was on a surer path towards achieving what we have than they."

– Unknown Enheduanni, as “The Order”

"The sworn mandate of the Enheduanni was to ease the Architects in and out of the Construct responsibly, governing the perception of the virtual world and managing their preparation for migration back to reality.

“They expanded that mandate to include the guidance of mankind toward utopia.”

– Grious

At some point in history, the Directorate became aware of the long-thought gone “Enheduanni” attempting to influence the civilizational directions of the young empires, and began to fight their efforts wherever possible. In 23,216 AD, the Enheduanni attempted to rescue the Minmatar Elders from the unknowing grasp of the Amarr Empire, expressing a deep appreciation for the Minmatar way of life and lamenting their domination by the “misguided” Amarr. The Jove Grious led Directorate efforts to prevent the influences of the “Enheduanni” during these events, but even the Jove were not immune to their plans.

Directorate involvement following their gleaning of Enheduanni activity led to the Battle of Vak’Atioth, in which the Amarr attacked the Jove before being quickly routed - in part due to the leaking of strategic and technical information to the Directorate by an Amarr who had had a change of heart.

Following this, the Directorate cut off its regions from all others - not just offlining the inter-regional stargates, but dismantling them entirely. The Amarr’s loss at the hands of the Jove directly led to the Minmatar rebellion, and the eventual formation of their modern republic.

See also: Theodicy and The Lore of the Enheduanni

APOTHEOSIS : The Capsule
23 224 AD

In 23,224 AD, the Gallente federation began encountering far more able and agile foes in their Caldari enemy. It soon came to light that they had come into possession of technology of Directorate origin: the Hydrostatic Capsule. The Directorate had arranged the secret trade of this technology to the Ishukone corporation, with the intent of subtly aiding the Caldari in their campaign for independence - thus laying the foundation for the genesis of modern Capsuleers.

These original capsules did not include cloning technology, the source of modern Capsuleers’ immortality; instead, the level of single-person control they granted over a vessel was utilized by the Caldari to push back against the Federation, bringing some semblance of balance to their conflict.


PART 2 : The Modern Era

CONCORDANCE : Yulai and Yoiul
23 233 AD - 23 236 AD (YC0)

Nine years later in 23,233 AD, following half a decade of efforts by Gallente Senator Aidonis Albadon (and the Jove who supported his aim), the five extant empires came together to establish CONCORD as a mediator between their nations. The Gallente-Caldari war would however continue for years following this establishment, though the efforts of Albadon (who also served a short term as President following the Yulai Convention) set the foundation for an eventual, if tenuous peace.

Three years later, in 23,236 AD, the Jove Directorate called representatives of the four core empires of New Eden to a conference aboard the cruiser Yoiul. Here, they facilitated the establishment of Eden Central Time and the start of a shared calendar: this marked YC0, the beginning of the modern era.


The meteoric rise and fall of Sansha’s Nation in its foundational era was not without Jove involvement or interference. Rumours abound of their use of Jove technology, provided by the Society of Conscious Thought, in their research into the Slave implants omnipresent in Kuvakei’s Citizens and Slaves today.

When the truth of Nation was brought to light in YC37, the Empires unanimously came together to raze what was seen as an abominable subjugation of life by many. The Directorate itself directly participated in this campaign alongside the core empires - a level of Jove action unseen in any other event of the modern age.

CHILDREN : The Capsuleer Age
May YC104 Onward

It was like the gods of old, descending from the heavens and handing us fire, empowering us far beyond our comprehension… and then vanishing.

– Treatise on the rise of the Capsuleer.

In YC104, the marriage of the trans-neural burn scanner - a delicate technology allowing for the imaging and perfect re-creation of the human brain for the purpose of reproducing its user’s mind - with the protective and operationally unmatched capsule birthed what are known today as Capsuleers; functionally immortal pilots, able to control the vast starships of New Eden with efficiency unmatched by any other methods.

As the independent graduates of the public program for capsule pilots began to emerge and spread, the era of the Capsuleer began.

August YC105

On 7 August YC105, rumors of a Jove renegade began to surface across Galnet.

An Amarr pilot, after discovering a secret meeting taking place between a group of Jove and an unknown party in the Stain region, had been shot down by the Jove ships present, sparking a diplomatic incident between the Directorate and the Amarr. The offending Jove had arranged to give advanced technology of an unknown nature to the unidentified party, violating the Directorate’s policy of non-interference.

The Directorate convened a hasty meeting of the Empires and CONCORD in FDZ4-A, the headquarters system of the Society of Conscious Thought. Hours later, CONCORD issued a warning: the Jove Navy Admiral Ouria had contracted the Jove Disease - the existence of which the Directorate had been forced to reveal to the other factions of the cluster in light of the ongoing incident - and had fled carrying the tech he bestowed upon the mysterious group in Stain, accompanied by five renegades who agreed with his Disease-spurred cause.

The offenders were exiled, and a bounty was placed on each of their heads by CONCORD. Ouria and his comrades continued to move throughout the Stain region with the intent of setting up a base of operations, but were pushed back into hiding after one particularly bloody battle with the Stain Alliance Capsuleer group. The renegades surfaced again a few days later - having since made an alliance with a Minmatar rebel faction known as Oracle - and were tracked down through the efforts of CONCORD and independent Capsuleers, leading to a final clash between Stain Alliance forces and the Ouria-Oracle fleet.

The renegades were defeated and podded; Ouria, nor his comrades, have been seen since.

20 January YC106

In late January of YC 106, the Jove Veniel made contact with a group of bounty hunters in dire straits in the Immensea region. Their highly damaged vessels, having barely escaped the grasp of Trald Vukenda (CEO of the Dominations of the Angel Cartel) after an assassination attempt, chanced upon a coffin floating in space. Inside, they discovered a dead Gallentean man and coordinates that led them to a completely undocumented station in the same system.

Upon their arrival, Veniel appeared and greeted them, offering knowledge concerning the reason for the station’s existence, along with a method to access to the facility, in exchange for what he knew they carried: the body of Sébastien Moreau, the founder of the Immensea. This powerful but ultimately short-lived cult had, fueled by the sheer charisma and aspirations of Moreau, constructed sixty-nine individual stations in deep space before collapsing under the megalomaniacal tendencies and psychopathic godhood Moreau developed as his following began to worship him.

Though the Immensea had long since fallen, their stations remained. Veniel granted their locations, as well as the locations of the various smuggler gates used today across nullsec, to a DED commander - the brother of one of the bounty hunters - and guided them back to safe space, away from the Angels.

Veniel left with his prize, and the Directorate soon aided the DED in claiming the other sixty-eight stations, and worked alongside them in compiling a detailed history of the Immensea.

See also: Forsaken Ruins

May - July YC106

On May 5th YC106, the Jove announced a planned multi-national diplomatic mission to be undertaken by Liaison for Extra-Racial Affairs Misu Baniya. The mission involved the use of an experimental transporter, intended to teleport the target in such a way that they would be physically reconstructed at their destination in full. However, the experiment went awry and ended with the uncontrolled splitting and propagation of the unfortunate ambassador’s biomass across countless station locations throughout the cluster.

Soon after this, Veniel was attacked and podded by a Capsuleer in the system of New Caldari, leading to some diplomatic strain between the Caldari and Jove concerning the lax security that allowed the incident to take place - communicated by Tunai Moran, the Directorate’s representative to the CONCORD Inner Circle at the time.

The Directorate called for a collection of the split biomass through Empire representatives, promising blueprints for cloaking technology - rumored to have been a product of the Crielere project - for those who met the required batch numbers for the sample collection. At the same time, Blood Raider Covenant head Omir Sarikusa called for a collection of his own; while thousands of samples were collected by the cult at great material cost, the goal was apparently met and the intent behind the collection has never been brought to light.

As the collection came to a close, under the direction of the Jove Gyt Quisog, the Caldari State emerged as the clear leader in effort and results. The prior incident involving Veniel faded in consequence, and the State’s standings with the Directorate were officially increased.

Misu Baniya was cloned, and the delayed diplomatic tour began on the 30th of June. Over the following week, Baniya toured the headquarters of various Capsuleer alliances - at the time not registered in any official capacity - which were themselves added to the Jove Register of Sovereign Nation-states. The core Empires and CONCORD expressed concern at this move, not agreeing with the choice of the Jove to recognize independent Capsuleer groups as true political entities in the cluster.

10 March YC111

On the 10th of March YC111, a world ended.

Over the preceding three years, suborned Rogue Drones - presumed to be under the direction of the entity residing within Jamyl Sarum, the “Other” - had amassed vast quantities of an unstable material known as Isogen-5 at ancient cache sites. These caches, by all indications, were intended to catalyze a harnessed wormhole-based travel network - conceptualized by the most advanced of the ancient settlers of New Eden, and at one time known to the Sleepers and their watchers.

An Abaddon that had itself been retrofitted with repurposed ancient tech under the direction and knowledge of the Other, essentially capable of turning the shields of target ships inside-out in a cascade, was discovered moored to such a cache by the Sisters of EVE, the Blood Raiders, and a caravan belonging to the Thukker Tribe. Each group certainly had its own intentions, but none could have anticipated the consequences of the Thukker vessels approaching and destroying the cache.

Every cache present in New Eden - and others in a distant cluster - detonated simultaneously. Each of the type A0 stars they orbited, in turn, underwent a violent realignment of their magnetic fields - and directed an enormous stellar mass ejection toward the location of its present cache, linearly.

The resulting chaos came to be known as the Seyllin event, named for the complete loss of a populated and thriving planet that had fallen into the path of one such ejection. But far more was yet to come.

The destruction of these catalyst caches ripped across the fabric of spacetime, allowing for instances of point-defect turbulence - unstable wormholes - to propagate across and inbetween New Eden and the distant cluster known as Anoikis.

Whatever had been the aim of those preparing the caches, things had gone drastically awry.

The W477-P swarm was severely affected by the event. At the time of the criticality, around fifty of the wormhole gates exploded linearly, simultaneously, directing vast amounts of energy into the host star - which then underwent a asymmetric stellar mass ejection that essentially punched a hole in the swarm. Though many were destroyed, and others critically damaged, the surviving components managed to maintain their coordination and function. However, the W477-P star had become extremely unstable, pushing the certainty period of a supernova occurring - with untellably chaotic consequences - to within mere years.

The denizens of New Eden, Capsuleers among them, began pouring into the thousands of new systems that had suddenly become accessible to them. Within, they discovered the enclaves of those known as the Sleepers, guarded by autonomous drones with an unshakable mandate to protect those within.

Ripping through these defenses, New Eden ravenously plundered whatever they could find, and gained knowledge that advanced technology to new heights - but which also opened more questions concerning the true history of New Eden than had ever been asked before.

See also: End of the World (chronicle series)

Early YC112

This period saw the development of the first generation of Clone Soldiers under the guidance of the Other, through the Amarr Empress. Sleeper implants, harvested from individuals removed from the Construct, were the core of the program. Instances of Sleeper consciousnesses still lived within the implants, not only facilitating visions of red skies, dark figures, and the numbers 514 - the meaning of which has never been determined - in those affected, but the communication of those disembodied Sleepers with those their implants had been placed into.

As outsiders poured into Anoikis, the Other undertook a new plan: to build an immortal clone army, fitted with implants that contained the infomorphs of those loyal to them, also serving as a trapped retribution in some cases for those who rejected and fought against them in the Sleeper Construct - an untrue reality the Others could not accept.

Through the efforts of an Amarr scientist, abetted and aided by a drone simulating the apparently dead and information-generous Jove Grious (now supporting the Enheduanni, in contrast to his role during Vak’Atioth), the Amarr Empress managed to oppose the Other and cease the production of this first generation of Templars. Alternative technology was soon developed as a solution to the void of the pandora’s box that had been opened, and was quickly distributed to the other empires in a plea to not involve the Sleepers any further - spawning the non Sleeper-born generation of Clone Soldiers utilized today.

See also: Templar One

26 June YC112

During the uncertain times surrounding the return of Master Kuvakei and Nation’s Incursions, a Capsuleer named Mouse Nell captured an image showing Sansha forces that had managed to enter 3CE1-R in Directorate space and occupy the Prosper Vault station present in the system. A day later, Nation captured a Jove frigate in the Antem system, carrying a Cartesian Temporal Coordinator.

While concerns raised highly at this development, the Directorate issued a communique to CONCORD shortly afterwards, tersely stating that Nation had been expelled from the system, and that the station they had occupied - which they called an unimportant materials repository - had been reclaimed.

This was the final official contact the Directorate chose to make with CONCORD.

See also: Nation War of Resurgence

26 November YC116

By YC116, only a small few hundred Jove remained in New Eden; most had chosen to press on to new horizons beyond the borders of known space, and the Directorate itself had become effectively defunct. Nevertheless, a precious few remained - observing and measuring the cluster, watching and hiding across known space, and waiting for the inevitable catastrophe the death of the W477-P star would bring.

In November YC116, the violent death of the W477-P’s star - made certain to take place within years by the Seyllin event - came to pass. Erupting in an enormous supernova, the death throes of the red giant were funneled into the gates surrounding it, each of which took in as much energy as possible before being destroyed.

The “shattered systems” known today in Anoikis, including Thera, were a direct consequence of the pouring of the W477-P supernova - now known as "Caroline’s Star, named for the first Capsuleer to take note of the event. The vast energies of the supernova flowed into each system’s star through the “Epicenter” gates in proximity to them, causing mass ejections on an even larger scale than those observed during the Seyllin event in YC111.

In New Eden, the nova propagated across the entire New Eden cluster simultaneously as a result of the spatio-temporal network of the Talocan, and violently overloaded the gate network that remained active in Directorate space - causing a cascade of destruction that, fortunately, could not spread beyond the closed borders of the isolated regions.

Huge numbers of Directorate observatories, containing records dating back centuries, began to uncloak as they shut down, and by February YC117 were fully revealed to the denizens of New Eden - as well as to a new group, which soon began to re-emerge from the depths of Anoikis.

See also: Inheritance (again)

Late YC116 Onward

"I am like you in more ways than you can imagine.
We are Survivors, Empress Jamyl.
We are alive because true life finds a way.

– The Other, Templar One

Near the end of YC116, Sleeper Caches began to crop up across New Eden. These once-cloaked facilities had been pillaged by unknown forces possessing knowledge of their locations and the resources to pilfer them. Soon afterwards, strange, roaming Sleeper Drones were sighted drifting along the spacelanes and investigating anything they came across.

In February YC117, the Vigilant Tyrannos emerged from Anoikis. These “Drifters”, a new form of life as-of-yet unseen in the cluster, made use of manufactured bodies utilizing the corpses of Sleepers as a foundation. Taking up the mantle of Tyrants, the Drifters spread throughout New Eden and Anoikis in a rapid expansion, fervently gathering resources and ruthlessly dealing with any they deemed a threat or interruption to their operations. Veniel and Matshi Raish once referred to the Drifters as “Second Empire Survivors”.

The Drifters continuously salvaged materials and tech from the deactivated Jove Observatories spread throughout the cluster, and in August of YC117 performed a coordinated assassination of Empress Jamyl I - arriving in a sortie of 100 battleships as the Empress undocked in Safizon piloting an imperial Avatar-class Titan. The Drifters had been active and ruthlessly aggressive in the system in the preceding weeks, but the Empress appeared despite the dangers many anticipated. The Titan was dispatched in a single simultaneous firing of all 100 ships’ primary weapons, followed by her Capsule. The Drifters lingered for only a moment before leaving the field once more - not firing on any other vessel.

It was eventually revealed, through the dissemination of an emergency broadcast made by one Dr. Hilen Tukoss - who was podded and presumed killed after his clone never activated, but whose infomorph was in fact intercepted and preserved by the Tyrannos - that the Drifters had in fact been preparing massive armadas at what have come to be known as their “Hives” deep in Anoikis, months or longer prior to the eruption of Caroline’s Star.

It is thought that, upon the eruption, the Vigilant Tyrannos dove into an area of cryptic deadspace known as the Abyss to strike at a faction who calls them “Ancient Enemy”: the Triglavian Collective.

See Also: The Lore of the Drifters

25 July, 20 December YC117,

Action follows form. Form follows thought.
We have thought deeply on the shape of the future.
The forms have been established and now is the time to act.

– Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, YC120.05.06.

Once Caroline’s Star had come to pass, the will of the Directorate was executed.

The Jove Veniel met Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the SoCT aboard a hidden station in Geminate as he emerged from the clone bay; the Mentor had just shortly prior enacted a scan of Jamyl Sarum above the planet Mekhios during a memorial event, and had discovered a significant anomaly in the mind of the Amarr Empress.

Veniel was well aware of what Raish had only just discovered, and explained the truth of the Other to the Mentor. The Jove advised to wait and not act, knowing that Jamyl herself was embroiled in her own admirable defiance of the entity she shared a life with - and that she had a plan.

Veniel then went on to describe the past of the W477-P star - including Ouria and his own involvement in its discovery - and provided the knowledge and perspective to the Mentor as preparation for the final act of the Directorate.

The Society of Conscious Thought - once restrained after coming to secret power in the shadows of the Third Empire - became the inheritor of the Directorate’s legacy in New Eden; the full Jove participation protocols that had been built into CONCORD at its inception were passed onto Matshi Raish, and the Society filled the long-empty seat at the fifth point of the star as the Directorate officially passed into history.

Since then, the Society has revealed little to the public - but observations and rumors suggest that this final inheritor of the Directorate’s legacy has begun to enact their own determined plans within New Eden and beyond.

See also: Inheritance (again again)

Early YC120 Onward

The Ancient Domains beyond the Flow of Vyraj were lost to us.
Intruders in the Ancient Domains corrupted the Flow.
Intruders seek to corrupt the Flow of Vyraj and the Domain of Buyan.

The Ancient Enemy Azdaja must be extirpated.
Deviant Automata must conform or be extirpated.
Corrupted Narodyna must be extirpated.

Human Augmented Narodyna must prove the direction of their Flow.
Narodyna moving with the Flow of Vyraj may be fit to enter Buyan.
Narodyna without fitness will be expelled from the Flow.

– Zorya Triglav

At some point near the end or after the Collapse of the Second Jove Empire, a faction that evolved into what we know today as the Triglavian Collective entered Abyssal Deadspace aboard titanic World Arks in order to evade an unidentified threat, and have grown to become the enigmatic masters of their chaotic domain.

The Triglavians possess detailed records and archives of data surrounding the Second and even First Jove Empires, call the Vigilant Tyrannos - taking up the mantle of the Tyrants of the Second Empire - “Ancient Enemy”, posses a module type that can only be improved upon through knowledge of Sleeper Encryption Methods, are formed into three fiercely independent “Clades” that cooperate for the greater good of their faction, and demonstrate a proper-way-of-life arrogance and mandate that they wish to impress upon all groups they encounter.

The Collective also possesses detailed records from the First and Second Jove Empire eras. A connection between the Collective and the Jove of the past is certain; but the full story of their link to the rest of the Jove has yet to be fully revealed…

See Also: The Lore of the Triglavian Collective

Though the New Eden branch of the Jove have faded from the stage of EVE, the impact they left on the world continues to echo and influence the future; and as the Drifters and Triglavians emerge from the shadows of history to meet each other in conflict, and the Society of Conscious Thought pursues their own aims, the story of the factitious and driven Jove race surges onward.

- Uriel





– The first mention of the Enheduanni, through Grious

– The history of the Jove in New Eden and Anoikis
– The origins and truth of the Other
– The fate of the Sleepers
– The Templars, the origin of Clone Soldiers

EVE: SOURCE (book)
– The history of the Jove in New Eden, including the First Empire
– The clinical nature of the Jove Disease
– The timeline of the Jove Empires
– The existence of the “Tyrants” of the Second Empire
– The Jove Bloodlines

– The story of W477-P
– The Inheritance of the Directorate’s legacy

– The story of the Immensea, and the discovery of the Immensea stations

END OF THE WORLD (Chronicle Series)
Order: “The Spiral”, “Half a Life”, “I”, “The Great Harvest”, “We Humans”, “World on Fire”
– The encounter that caused the Seyllin Event, and the effect it had on New Eden.

These records were sourced from derelict Directorate Observatories that were discovered across the cluster following the Caroline’s Star incident, and are from the perspective of the Jove Directorate. All gleanings are sorted by date.

See this spreadsheet for antiquated group notes on what each entry may refer to (I’ll be composing a new reference sheet for this in the future)

Expand Gleaned Information

Updated Gallente status provides a model for social cohesion. Suggest further observations are shared with Modifier enclaves.

Azbel-Wuthrich experiment has been a success. Planetary communications reveal the message as “:-)”

Randomized sweeps of recently seceded Caldari communications indicate that alternative source for model of social cohesion will be increasingly defined by opposition to Gallente model. Schism becoming pronounced. Threshold for constructive comparison of existing conditions approaching.

Gallente have created an agency known as The Scope for the dissemination of information across Empires. Suggest that this network be monitored. Potential to extrapolate prototype for impartial communication between disparate enclaves.

In position at Diemnon Planetesimal. Collating system scans. Source of burst unidentified. Team dispatched. Alert still in effect.

“Now if you look to section eight of the report, you will see that the new system provides an unprecedented level of harmony. The new electrochemical system eliminates undesirable reactions and emotions in 34% of testers. With further development, I am certain we can truly make everyone happy.”

Gamma Enclave recently available personnel: 44 cybernetics experts, 32 geneticists, 9 materials scientists, 6 sociologists. Awaiting kitz assignment.

CONCORD Resolution D/912/37 passes with unilateral support from all five empires.

Preliminary forecast: Cohort ‘EOM’ casualty causation: est 78,944,293,285.
Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.

Preliminary forecast: Cohort ‘SN’ resurgence likelihood: 96.44%
Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.

Location: Rethan.
Class: Yacht.
Maker: Viziam.

Kindness never goes unpunished.

Give them tools and they may evolve.

So fragile, these minds. So fleeting, their crimes.

Give them symbols and they may stagnate.

Advanced materials technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage two technology surveillance.

Capsuleer cohort tracking system implemented. Receiving data.

Step One: Build a Better Ant.

Destination: Vak’Atioth.

… of Caldari loyalist capsuleer cohorts, Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, [CAIN] verified termination of Dr Ullia Hnolku in the Magiko system, Minmatar Republic. Insorum prototype retr…

… planet-wide emergency declared by Amarr Empire. Blood Raider fleet breaking orbital blockade. Chemical compound residue still circulating in high atmosphere, predicated near-total consumption rate among local slave population. Additional trace chem….

…recommend discarding current primary node for that model.

Step Two: Kick over The Ant Hill.

‘Titan’ class vessel detected. Receiving data.

Captain 1st Class Karishal Muritor of the Republic Fleet was today awarded Drupar’s Sun, one of the most prestigious medals given by the Republic, at a Fleet awar…

They only notice small tragedies.

Multiple jump drive spikes detected in Pator, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic
Origin: Republic Fleet anchorage 12
Command key override: Muritor, Karishal 1st Class Captain
CONCORD authorisation key: Not accounted, unauthorised deployment. CONCORD control warning flag issued to Republic Fleet
Ship designations: Alfhild, Magni, Modi, Verkana, Gordd, Hjalin, Svertan, Torshvern……

Step Three: Assess.

… lockdown in effect. Sosala local defences reacting. Amarr Fleet mobilisation hindered by multiple attacks. Indicating complete destruction of Battlestation facility by Minmatar loyalist capsuleer cohorts. Flagged for close monitoring…

They let names define their perceptions.

Critical Termination Notice - Capsuleer: Karishal Muritor. Defiants faction. Capsule breach indicated in Auga, orbital track of tenth planet. Unable to locate clone activation — working — Unable to locate clone activation — extending network search — Unable to loc….

…hra’Khan, a group with long-standing yet historically shaky ties to the Republic, declared Prime Minister Midular their “number one enemy,” calling for a 1 ISK bounty on her head, the "value representing her worth to the Minmat…

… mass rally in Pator. Republic fleet task force warping in — identified, command ships, fleet capsuleer — monitoring — designation change Admiral Kanth Filmir resignation conf….

Models indicate that virions have spread beyond those five systems.

New fleet elements moving into the Great Wildlands. Comm scan confirms that all Elders are once again currently located on the Ragnarok now under construction.

Life sign detected aboard the ship. Contrary to intelligence gather by Villore observatory, vessel not destroyed. Remaining in Ouperia to monitor.

“Thanks sweetie, but that’s all right. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“How have we survived, we of New Eden, when the definition of humanity remains so elusive, so transparent, to so many?”

… summit between the Federation and Caldari State, where a general evacuation order was issued mom …

“…we, the Archangels, are more capable of providing for the welfare of this Republic than your government.”

“…I’m issuing a warning directly to you, and every uniformed serviceman and women of the DED and CONCORD. Either you heed it, or some of you will end up paying with your lives.”

Massive internal fires detected. Alfhild supercarrier drifting out of [system] system. Unknown souls remaining on board. Tracking until out of monitoring range…

Step Four: Reiterate.

Meme Sample: Conforming Rebellion.

…rbinger of hope. I am the sword of the righteous, and to all who hear my words I say this: What you give to thi…"

… in the Gallente Federation, is known primarily for harboring a particular kind of plant life known as the Isirus poppy.

Give them what they want and it may destroy them.

Capsuleer espionage detected.

Catastrophic collapse of Cohort 632866070. Cascade effect tracking algorithm active. Capsuleer Cohort vulnerability documented for further analysis.

‘Defect-mediated turbulence’?

‘Elusive’ does not match ‘contacted government’ or ‘alerted media’.

“We stand at a hopeful crossroad in human history. Stretching out before us for the first time in millenia are the paths of our ancestors…”

Self-interest continues to outweigh self-sacrifice.


Fullerene technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage three technology surveillance.

Meta-analysis of Huola confirms data obtained from Lulm. Correlation with trends from observatories in the Gallente-Caldari warzone. Indications capsuleer elements are operating systematically, and/or strategically, in regions governed by the CONCORD Emergency Militia Warpowers Act.

Sansha activity registered.

Meme Sample: Conscripted Compassion.

Does this duplicate portions of the Skarkon model?

Meme Sample: Circumscribed Rage.

Multiple artificial gravitational anomalies detected cluster wide.

Dead end.

Disruption Event Identified.
Type: Infiltration Disclosure. Subtype: Wedge Mirror.
Actor: True Power.
Targeted Interstice: CONCORD - Capsuleer Cohort.

Alert: Intercept of encrypted traffic [source Imperial-Internal] reference keywords ‘analysis, implant, recovered, subject, body’. Inferred keywords: autopsy, Anoikis, sleeper, breakthrough, disease

Disruption Event Identified. Type: Resource Shift. Subtype: Need Further Data. Actor: Need Further Data. Targeted Interstice: 4 Potentials. 1)…

Priority alert. Amarr vessel detected emerging from Anoikis amongst armored expeditionary fleet. Cargo contains a large quantity of implants meeting revised conditions.

New research data collated. Source: Eram spider. Create new index.

They are not yet acknowledging the pattern.

Disruption Event Identified. Type: Apoptosis…

Meme Sample: Collective Individuality.

“…you are encroaching on sovereign Federation space, return to Republic space or you will be fired upon.”

Disruption Event Identified. Type: Cathexis…

Multiple ultra high energy fluctuations developing. Recording numerous S.O.S. transponders.

They could not predict this?

Cloaking system failure. Proximity alert. Initiate system shutdown.


Wow, this is freaking fantastic, Uriel!!! I’ll be linking this thread as a resource in Signal Cartel’s Explorer’s Compendium. Thanks!


Bravo, Uriel, really great job consolidating this for everyone. Thank You for this.


I’m still not sure about the Enheduanni. I find it really difficult to see Grious knowing anything about them other than some ancient myth. Coupled with the differences in his attitude between Templar One and Theodicy he is too inconsistent to be trusted. Still trying to find some kind of evidence of what we know about Miko Bour in character as well. I think I may have an anwser to how the Sleepers got into Anoikis.

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Only one minor nitpick, from a proofreading point of view. It should be “tenet,” not “tenant,” in a couple of places.

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Ah, thanks for pointing that out - I should stop writing these things so late at night lol

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Very impressive piece of work. Thank you for researching and writing this.

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This is excellent, I lap up anything to do with lore. Got me thinking a lot too. Are the Drifters actually the Others in Sleeper bodies and are The Trigalians the Watchers? Is this why they have such a fierce rivalry?

Love it!


Amazing summary as always, Uriel! You’ve even got citations now, which I profusely thank you for! Now I can check all of this out first-hand.:grin:

There’s also a lot for me to comment on. Let’s see here…

Apparently, the other polities of the day were filled with assholes, because from what I read this was a deliberate effort on their part to control the Jove.

So, the Jove are more like modern humans than the rest of the cluster? Because looking at human history IRL, the four empires are outliers in how none of them are badly fragmented confederations barely held together by the benefits of mutual cooperation. Especially the Amarr, with the sheer length of their empire’s history.

I suspect Enheduanni meddling there. How else would a tiny island’s population successfully subjugate/enslave the rest of the planet instead of getting stomped into the dirt by literally everyone else?

Missing an ‘s’ here, I think.

Assholes. Or were they? Sansha Kuvakei is a particularly stark example of how technology can be heinously misused.

I remember reading somewhere that the disease likely originated during the First Empire’s collapse; the reasoning was that the Empire had a central body which maintained control over all the genetic experimentation going on because you do not want to make mistakes with the very thing that dictates what you are, and the insane complexity of the human genome meant that they took a long time to make sure whatever changes they were planning didn’t cause irreparable harm to their genome.

Then centralized authority broke down, the oversight disappeared and whaddaya know: irreparable harm to their genome promptly ensued.

Christ, as someone who has suffered from clinical depression in the past this hits way too close to home for me.

That…is a really, really dumb rule. If someone’s body dies then why don’t their keepers just grow them a new one?

Furthermore, if the Jove as a culture were so obsessed with advancing themselves beyond what they had gained through evolution, then why did they dismiss the idea of casting aside their bodies as anything more than suits to move around in when operating in the physical universe?

Especially since existing as infomorphs would (hopefully) render them immune to the Jovian disease, seeing as how it’s caused by a flaw in their DNA and the neurochemical reactions that result from it. No brain means, no neurochemicals to worry about.

Sounds reasonable enough. The real question is whether they just wanted to experience life outside the Construct or took after Agent Smith.

And just one of those things ripped apart an entire Amarr fleet while a swarm of frigates kept them occupied, which prompted the empires to start building the ludicrously massive Iapetan titans.

Hubris? More like laziness. Why bother traveling the distance between stars when you have the technology to make the trip so much shorter?

Really, Grious? That was the hill you chose to make your stand on?

So the observatories played no role in this? Huh.

They were also ridiculously dangerous to use. I think there was something like a 40% failure rate for successful joining?

You know, I thought the Ouria incident originated when the devs needed to come up with a lore justification for Torfi Frans giving Saruu a T5 mining laser. Apparently, Torfi didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to do that.

Or maybe someone just blew up a dev ship and looted it. There are conflicting stories on the event.

A Second Empire station?

(reads further)

Nope. It’s a pity, really. I spent most of an afternoon prowling the Heaven constellation, looking for the Jove station that’s supposed to be hidden there.

Incidentally, my search for actual screenshots of the thing lead me to one of your posts, Uriel! :grin:


Yeah, that was kinda prophetic on his part, wasn’t it?

I heard that it used parts from an old Terran freighter, but I don’t know if it’s true or not. CCP definitely came up with an excellent justification for destroying the ship, though! It was too powerful to let anyone have, and once the cluster learned about it then everyone and their grandmother would be racing to claim the ship for themselves. It’s only natural that it would get broken in the process.

Because that couldn’t possibly bite them in the ass…

I think you’re underselling just how big this is, because according to the in-game faction information, which I’m looking at right now as I’m typing this, 3CE1-R isn’t some backwater system in the Jove Empire. It’s their goddamn capital!

Huh, and I thought I’d hunted down all the information on the Jove that was available. I never heard about this.

Speaking of him, I really hope CCP restarts the Arek’Jalaan program or something like it. CCP_Dropbear may not be able to work on it anymore what with his marriage and move back to Australia, but that doesn’t mean they have to deny us the lore we so desperately crave! (Channeling the Jove a little here, :sweat_smile:)

I wonder if we’ll ever see the five-armed station at Yulai rebuilt? It would be nice to see it for myself…


While I do not play anymore (give me back my golem @CCP_Falcon, stupid drifters) an outstanding piece of work, a triumph in fact.


Not that this is surprising, but this is an outstanding piece of lore synthesis. I guess I have a new thing to link/incorporate in the next version of the lore guide :smiley: Well done!


Ok, This is some interesting ■■■■!!!

Really makes you see how deep and long EVE`s lore actually go… But there is one thing that bother me a lot about what I read here!
The Talocan!
So you say that ANOTHER arm of humanity survived the EVE gate’s collapse and evolved to dwarf the Jove?
This is a weird focus point in the lore… Basically everything that is happening came to be because Jovians discovered and used Talocan’s relics abandoned.

We have ZERO clue as whom or what Talocan’s were, we just know that they were the biggest tec savies in the Galaxy, and that they VANISHED, lefting behind the most technological marvels to ever the created… hell, were they even humans?

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At least we know that much about the Talocan. We know almost nothing about the Yan Jung!


The funny thing is: When the Drifters were aggressive (you could say there was a whole war), CONCORD did nothing. But when Triglavian (Slavs) appeared, it became the number one threat.

Threat from Drifters:

  • The assassination of the ruler of the Empire.
  • War with the Empire. (Drifter Invasion)
  • Aggression towards the Capsuleers.

But for some reason, CONCORD did not do anything.
Frankly, CONCORD, and now they’re not doing anything together with the four great factions, but they are raising taxes to the Capsuleers.

Oh … really need someone who will write this game is well thought out script. Already in 2015, going on chaos in the plot.

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There is only one race in this world, and this is human. Since the world is not limited to one planet, but to the sleeve of the galaxy. Amarr is not a race, but a nation. As well as Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. There are different nationalities in these states. But they are all of the same race “human”.

We consider the world of not one planet, but a piece of the galaxy !!!


The part I am still not sure about is how much we know in character. In particular regarding the Tyrants. The Triglavians mentioned them but I still dont know for sure.

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Nice Sleeper illustrations.



I’ve come across a rumor that someone, upon looting a dev ship they had destroyed, found themselves in possession of a Visitant BP. Aside from requiring only tritanium to build, the BP was apparently T5. I’m gonna go looking for this and see if I can find the details.

BTW, if any devs read this thread and feel like telling us about it, I’d be grateful!

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