-COMPLETED- Augmented Drone BPCs 695 Runs

3 day auction for 85 Augmented Drone BPC’s, 695 runs total. Copy the code below into the in-game notepad for a link to the auction, or find my bio in game, it’s listed there.

Starting bid is 1.4B, buyout is 2.6B
Auction ends on Sept.26 23:44

A breakdown of runs by drone type:

2021-09-23 - 20.00.59 ~ Cropped Capture

Contract Code:

<font size="12" color="#ff999999"></font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="contract:30000142//174929287">(Auction) Augmented Drone BPCs (695 runs)</a></font>

2 days left on auctions!

1 day left!!

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