[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 14 September 2021

How do I go back to the old skill queue?


Please add the option to revert back to the old skill UI. Thank you!


The current patch is generating shitons of issues, had to close/open the game 4 times already since DT because somehow random in game window such as character sheet refuse to open…fixed whenever you restart the game till next issue shows up. Also undocking ui seems to be experiencing an issue as well now.

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This. I’d really like to be able to use the old skill window if possible.


Yup, can’t even see both amount of skill points and amount of isk at the same time anymore, and I don’t like to look at a full body taking too much graphical power, while crypto mining on the side :smiley:
Gotta be able to remove the skill tab from neocom aswell, or hopefully a third party option to make it less clotting

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Aw I was gonna use my new meme but then I realised they hated PvE


100% for sure

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