I can offer a freighter (charon) 5m points or max aalpha caldari with PI

Eveboard, remaps available on the freighter character? is 5.0m points, capable to do charon

want 3 , have evasive Maneuvering to V, Warp drive IV and navigation V.

Basically was extracted stardefense and jump capabilities.

He is in high sec, have positive wallet, no killing right, current body have a low grade full nomad (value 1b aprox )

Status for other freighters:

charon : injected, can board now
fenrir must learn 1h 2m and need the book
obelisk: 4h and need the book
providence: need 12h and need the book

He have cybernetic V , low grade nomad implants and is charon capable., nearly all other things extracted.

Neural remap available now, i enter one moment ago in thethe pilot to check this.

Cool, I’ll take it. Convo me in game, it’s not going onto this account.

I am in work, go to enter in a minute.

The process is

1 ) You send the 3b to slormer_1 and
2 ) You send an evemail with the account name.

I am in work, trying to enter quick but alt tabbing.

The character was tranbsfered one moment ago to teh account you say me in the chat, you must receive shortly the normal email about the purchase, and get the char in 10 hours.

Happy new year. !!!

Email received, thanks! Happy new year!

You are welcome =)

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