SOLD WTS Freighter with low nomads, extracted. 5m

Hi, for many reasons out of my control, i am forced to sell this extracted pilot, appear as 11.5m in eveboard, really have 5m points, and capable to fly a charon right now.

He is in high sec, have positive wallet, no killing right, current body have a low grade full nomad (value 1b aprox )

Status for other freighters:

charon : injected, can board now
fenrir must learn 1h 2m and need the book
obelisk: 4h and need the book
providence: need 12h and need the book

He have cybernetic V , low grade nomad implants and is charon capable., nearly all other things extracted.

Disclaimer: i can send 5 hours pass the downtine, must fund my CC first.

Please answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail, i enter in the pilot to confirm in a minute

I am for sale.

Give me an up-to-date eveboard, and I’ll consider it.

I can do in some days, I can update the api but show 11m anyway. I can put screens of anypart of dayta, but XML api dont upadate in extracted characters until a week or next patch.

is this still for sale
im interested

contact me ingame ill buy it

5b mail ingame me

contacted you ingame Inactive Sellar

5.1b contact me in game

To any interested :

i want 3.3b , i have evasive Maneuvering to V, Warp drive IV and navigation V.

Basically was extracted stardefense and jump capabilities.

I go now out of house for some hours, if interested send the isk and acc name to slormer_1 , update the thread and i deliver as soon i return home in 5 or 6 hours max.

ill take it for 3b thats all its worth paying more its not worth it

accepted send the isk and account.

Worth it for the 1b pod implants.

it aint you kidding your self its got bad cap skills when it gos to warp no cap lol and other stuff to fix it will take a while

ok if interested send the isk and account, i deliver in ten minutes, time to take a dinner.

do you have charon

if you asking if is trained for charon, YES, can use now.

And is against to the rules value items in the char.

fine ill take it give me a few

what account is isk going to

Send the isk to slormer 1 i am connected now

I offer you 3.3b just now if u can send in next 10 min