Completely New Player looking for Corp

As title states, I am completely new. Loving the game so far but want to learn more and be active in the pvp scene. Willing to do pve also to help out in any way I can. Im looking for established corp, I only want to join 1 and stay forever lol. I have a lot of game time availability and a willing plus eager learner. Feel free to send a message or reach out in game.

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Hi my name is pacman8me and i am the founder of a coporation:

High & Low Sec Corporation
Recruitment Packagers For new Players:

Exploration, Mission Running, Incursion, Alliance Warfare, Bounty Hunting, Piracy, Small-Scale Gangs, Pvp, Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing, Worm Holes.

New-Pilot Fri
Minimum Skill Points Requirement 0

The GHOST-NATION-FEDERATION (G-N-F) is a muti time zone the consists of members from all around the world. We are a active corp that goes out of there way to help each other and help members with there training ect.

If you have any questions we answer them to the best of our knowledge. We commuicate with each other on Discord.

We are currently recruiting for:

  • PVPers + Raters + Miners + Manufactures + Mission Runners + Incurisons
  • Bounty Hunters + Explorationers + Researchers + Worm Holes + Small Gangs
  • Spies + Recruitment Officers + Fleet Commanders + New Players
    Contact People: pacman8me, Alexia Xavior, Fingers foryou

Check this out here -->Come help make a name

Hello Ramaj Asanari,

I love the fact that you seem passionate about the game I have loved for years. It means alot to the many players who have transitioned throughout space, growing with CCP and being a part of the Sandbox.

If you get a chance, please give us a look see…we are a WH Training Corp/Alliance.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Still researching and looking for a place t call home.

Found a home thanks for the interest!!!

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