Ghost Nation Federation is recruiting

Greetings fellow capsuleers of New Eden.

We here at GHOST-NATION-FEDERATION [G-N-F] are looking for players both new and old, Alpha and Omega, to be part of a growing corporation with diversive experience in the many aspects of gameplay that we have to indulge in.

We are a new pilot friendly multi timezone corporation that consists of members from all around the globe.

We are currently recruiting for:-

  • Pvpers, Miners, Manufacturers, Mission Runners, Exploration/Wormholes et al.

What we offer:-

  • Free recruitment packages for new players.
  • A low 6% tax rate compared to the 11% tax you currently pay in the starter NPC corps.
  • Discord Server for voice comms.

What we require:-

  • Willingness to Learn, Achieve and Succeed.
  • API Key for background checks.
  • A working microphone.

Your invited to join our public channel to get to know us better beforehand and ask questions. Ghost Nation Federation or Evemail Alexia Xavior

We are still looking for more pilots. If interested and want to find out more join our public channel Ghost Nation Federation

Bump, Still looking for more pilots. :slight_smile:

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