Ghost Nation Federation is recruiting

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Greetings fellow capsuleers of New Eden.

We here at GHOST-NATION-FEDERATION [G-N-F] are looking for players both new and old, Alpha and Omega, to be part of a growing corporation with diversive experience in the many aspects of gameplay that we have to indulge in.

We are a new pilot friendly multi timezone corporation that consists of members from all around the globe.

We are currently recruiting for:-

  • Pvpers, Miners, Manufacturers, Mission Runners, Exploration/Wormholes et al.

What we offer:-

  • Free recruitment packages for new players.
  • A low 6% tax rate compared to the 11% tax you currently pay in the starter NPC corps.
  • Discord Server for voice comms.

What we require:-

  • Willingness to Learn, Achieve and Succeed.
  • API Key for background checks.
  • A working microphone.

Your invited to join our public channel to get to know us better beforehand and ask questions. Ghost Nation Federation or Evemail Alexia Xavior

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We are still looking for more pilots. If interested and want to find out more join our public channel Ghost Nation Federation

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Bump, Still looking for more pilots. :slight_smile:

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