Confessor Yoiul Star visual bug

So, for almost a year now my Youil Star skin looks like this:

But the green lights on the top are missing. When I bought it from the store it looked like this:

At first I thought is was just a visual glitch from my computer/client, but even changing to other PC and client installation it still not showing the green lights. Maybe they somehow vanished after the graphical updates?

I don’t want to sound entitled or anything but I really bought it with real cash because I liked the green lights and I would not have bought it if it was just a red/white spray like how it’s showing :frowning:

Doesn’t it only come back around Christmas time or something?

That might be the case. S**t. Can I have my plex back?

Yea it is a special Christmas skin. The green lights start up around Dec I believe and slowly light up.

I got the same skin for the astero.

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